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Dr Alexei Adolshin from RUPharma discusses his journey into the world of pharmaceuticals and weight reduction

We sat down and had a talk with Dr Alexei Adolshin from RUPpharma to discuss his journey into the world of pharmaceuticals; and weight reduction and how he managed to start his own business, releasing pharmaceuticals into the world.

Hi Dr Adolshin! How did you start your journey into pharmaceuticals?

Hi there. I started my journey into pharmaceuticals by finishing my degree in Medical Science, before specializing in pharmaceuticals during my post graduate studies. I worked for a period of time with a medical company in pharmaceuticals in order to gain experience, and from there on I decided to start collaborating with companies on my own and start my own business, RUPharma.

What made you want to go into pharmaceuticals in the first place?

I always went into the medical field with the vision of helping people, and I realized the importance of pharmaceuticals in this industry. Pharmaceuticals are prescribed to people to help them generally, and will be used as a base for many treatments. I realised the importance of this, and decided this would be a more helpful industry to go into.

Do you think pharmaceuticals are the future of the medical industry?

Definitely. As I said before, pharmaceuticals act as the base for many treatments, and the need to constantly research and develop new products is high. There are many ailments that consistently affect the population, and pharmaceuticals can help with these significantly.

We saw one of your most popular products was Reduxin for weight reduction, why is that?

Reduxin is one of our most popular products as it helps to treat a serious problem that plagues populations across the world, obesity. Obesity causes many problems for many people, and it is becoming something that is hard to control. Reduxin can help to treat this issue alongside a treatment plan, and that is why it is so popular.

So how does Reduxin help to treat obesity?

Reduxin works by stimulating the body to get it to consume more fat tissue as a source of energy. When the body does this, the fat tissue starts to decrease significantly. It is obvious to see why Reduxin alongside a treatment plan for obesity would lead to significant weight loss and a healthier person.

Is Reduxin enough to help someone lose weight?

No. Reduxin should be taken alongside a diet plan and exercise in order to lose significant weight. There is no magic pill which can help someone lose weight without doing anything, and it should not be treated as such. However, the weight loss results will be much more positive when Reduxin is taken, as well as following a diet and exercising.

Do you think that more people should look to pharmaceuticals to better their life?

I definitely think so. Pharmaceuticals are the future of health, and while they should not be treated as magical pills, they can definitely bring many benefits to people across the world.

Thanks for talking to us today Dr Alexei Adolshin. If you would like to follow up with Dr Alexei Adolshin and get their product, here is the link: