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Donnette Dawn Thomas

Donnette Dawn Thomas on ‘The Beauty in Business’ [Exclusive Interview]

Donnette Dawn Thomas, aka The Beauty in Business is a success American entrepreneur based in the Charlotte, North Carolina area. She conducts regular coaching and mentoring services for executive business clients which promote leadership development, public speaking, and life coaching. She has an active online presence across various social media accounts and regularly posts content. We caught up with her and asked a few career focused questions centred around the business industry.

What sparked your passion for entrepreneurship?

To be honest, I have always had a love of business. From selling candy to the other kids in elementary school (and getting sent to the principal’s office😊), to opening a clothing store at 19-and failing horribly…I have an internal determination that drives me in the face of adversity or whenever things seem like they aren’t going to workout.

So your brand name is ‘Beauty in Business’. What role does beauty play in the work that you do?

I don’t work specifically in the beauty industry. The name ‘Beauty in Business’ came from my GENUINE LOVE of business. To me business is a beautiful thing. It affords us the ability to improve our quality of life, provide jobs and service in our communities, whether our reach is local or global. You tell me, WHAT ISN’T beautiful about that?

What are your favourite aspects of your career?

Hmmm…when everything all falls in place and all the systems and processes and people are flowing. It works like a well-oiled machine…That is VERY satisfying for me. It’s then that I experience my internal moment of personal accomplishment. When I let out a small sigh of relief…and right before I set the next goal and timeline…lol!

Where do you see yourself and your business in five years?

In five years my company and my brand will be national as well as working on (If we haven’t already achieved it) Global Positioning in the Business Community.

What do you see as the biggest emerging trend in the business world?

CryptoCurrency specifically Bitcoin and Ethereum and the technology that backs those two currencies. I believe they will change the way we do business and handle economic transactions globally.

Will you be doing any workshops or talks this year? If so, where can we find you?

Absolutely!! Starting in July, I will be doing a National Book Tour. We will post all of the tour dates and locations on all of my social media sites which are as follows…

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