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Dino Rizzo Offers Insight into the Importance of Community Outreach in Church Planting

Church planting is an important aspect of growing any spiritual organization and expanding to new communities in need of faith-based support. Dino Rizzo, the co-founder of ARC (Association of Related Churches) and founder of Servolution, believes that community outreach is an essential part of the process, helping a new congregation to both grow and strengthen.

Many people feel lost in this fast-paced modern world. Between stressful jobs, the demands of a family and household, and the overwhelming bombardment of endless media, it’s easy to feel isolated and disconnected from God and the community. Connecting with others in a community church is one way to ease these feelings and bring much-needed stability for those who are able to find time, as serving others is a privilege in this busy world.

Church planting may introduce a new church within an existing community, but outreach efforts help to raise awareness, bring in new worshippers, and build a spiritual community in faith.

Why Is Church Planting Important?

Church planting fulfills one of the most essential goals of the Christian faith: to spread the word of God. Even communities that have other churches often have room for new congregations, particularly since existing churches may have different teachings or tones that don’t appeal to some community members.

When a church expands into a new community, opportunities for residents to connect with God only increase. The teachings and doctrine of the original organization can carry over to offshoots in new communities, creating a cohesive message and spiritual path that the growing congregation helps to propagate.

How Community Outreach Helps New Churches to Thrive

While church planting fulfills the vital goal of spreading the word of God, community outreach targets another critical tenet of faith, which is service to one’s fellow man. These two activities go hand-in-hand when it comes to ensuring that a new church both grows and thrives.

It starts with increasing awareness and finding meaningful and personal ways to connect with and engage community members in forging a relationship with the Lord. From there, the long-term work of building and sustaining a faith community can take place.

Increase Awareness

People know that God is out there, whether they were raised in the church or not. Some have simply forgotten how or why to connect with Him. Others may be nervous about joining a congregation if they’ve never done so before or if they’re confused about the existence of God and the role He plays in our lives.

As Dino Rizzo explains, community outreach gives you a direct line to community members, so you can build relationships and help people understand the value of participating in a congregation and creating a personal connection with God. Outreach provides an opportunity to encourage those who are interested and support those who are struggling.

Build a Community in Faith

When you connect with people in the community and begin to grow your congregation, you can create a virtuous cycle by encouraging new members to participate in outreach efforts to connect with and bring in additional members.

The Role of Community Outreach in Church Planting

The true beauty of selfless service is that it not only enriches the community but also generates meaningful personal bonds that are incredibly strong and compelling. For the purposes of successful church planting, there’s perhaps no activity more important than community outreach.

About Dino Rizzo

Dino Rizzo, a 35-year ministry veteran, co-founded Healing Place Church with his wife, DeLynn, where he served as senior pastor for two decades. Through his passion for inspiring believers to serve their communities, Dino Rizzo founded Servolution and authored “Serve Your City.” Rizzo serves as the Executive Director of ARC (Association of Related Churches), which has planted more than 1000 churches worldwide, and is on the Senior Leadership Team at Church of the Highlands.