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Cory Machado talks about his work as a pro-wrestler and his fight against world hunger

Cory Machado is a Portuguese American pro wrestler who has decided to use his influence to try and change the world for the better – fighting against the scourge of world hunger in any way he can. So far, Cory has helped provide more than 20,000 meals by working with food banks and charities, while also raising awareness about the devastating issue of world hunger.

Cory was kind enough to take some time to answer a few questions about his background and fantastic work.

Hi Cory, can you tell us a bit about your background and how you got into pro wrestling?

I got into wrestling, watching it as a kid with my great grandfather. My great grandfather was a huge wrestling fan. in 2008 before he passed away, I was going to be taking him to his first wrestling live event. He passed before the event I was heartbroken by this. I believe it was that day that motivated me to want to honor him in the ring wrestling.

What are some of your pro wrestling highlights?

My highlights thus far wrestling Denzel Titan was a lot of fun. My other highlight would be wrestling with Hernandez from Lucha u\Underground and Impact Wrestling in a tag match against Denzel Titan & Dymond Koture. Later in that same year, I got to wrestle Sin Bodhi got to go down to the ring with NFL super bowl champion from the legion of boom Seattle Seahawks Walter Thurmond that was a lot of fun. Walter is a great guy, and a very talented athlete he excels at anything he puts his mind to achieve his attention to detail is second to none.

When did you decide to go on your mission to fight world hunger?

I noticed it was a major issue in the world, I wanted to do my part and attempt to make things better.  I am honoring my great grandfather through wrestling and providing meals to families in need. I am also providing meals to families in need to honor the memory of Ashley Carlson who passed away in a car accident she wanted to be a nurse and help people, Alyssa Byrne wanted to be a firefighter and help people, Ashley Donohoe also wanted to give back and help people these incredible humans all wanted to help others and give back I want to make sure their memory lives on forever, and I’m on a mission to help fulfil their goals of helping others.

How did you manage to provide over 20,000 meals working with charities and food banks?

By collaborating with businesses, promotions and myself. I have worked hard to get promotions to donate a percentage of their ticket sales to charities that fight hunger and local food banks that provide families in need of food. I have donated my pay from wrestling events to these causes outright. My goal is to continue to work with charities fighting hunger and local food banks to achieve the ultimate goal of ending hunger and honoring the memories of amazing individuals.

What steps do you think governments and people need to take to help make hunger obsolete?

In my opinion, I believe working with farmers getting higher quality food to everyone is very important. In recent times we have seen many develop food allergies and in some cases, diseases. By providing higher quality food, I believe we help many in the long term. I believe we have an abundance of food, we have an abundance of land to grow more food. Work with the farmers reaches out to Joel Salatin.

What types of content do you write on your blog?

My blog is focused on business leaders, CEO’s & Sports. I think it’s really great seeing some of the best in business excited to help educate the next generation on mindset and what it takes to overcome challenges and achieve your worthwhile dreams.

What’s it like to wrestle in front of a crowd?

It’s a great feeling. Seeing a sellout crowd and getting to entertain them in the ring is an amazing feeling.

How do you come up with a character like in a movie or tv show for wrestling?

Well, I believe everyone is different,  for me, I just look at what is trending what is hot at the moment, for example, the first character that I played was a soccer player because the world cup was going on the best player in the world happens to be Portuguese it made a lot of sense to me at the time and didn’t seem like anyone else was doing it. Then it evolved to a trust fund gimmick being that the presidential campaigns were going on it was a lot of fun I got to work with my amazing manager Bridget, Hernandez & Walter… It’s always evolving my mindset when I was 16,17,18,20,22 was very different than it is now some things work some things don’t. At the end of the day you’re playing a character it is your job to make the fans believe in your character like I said some things work some things don’t work. Similar to a movie character you gotta think how does this character talk, how does this character move etc. its definitely a process and I believe everyone has a different process.

Thank you Cory for your time!
You can follow up with Cory Machado at or IG@realcorymachado or Twitter @realcorymachado

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