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Corbett Cameron of Fintex Assets Recovery on Scammers & Fraudsters

We live digital lives – and for experts like Corbett Cameron and the team at Fintex Assets Recovery, the risk of fraudulent activity and scams are skyrocketing as a result. Fintex Assets Recovery is one of the many companies that were founded on the notion of combating the rising tide of scammers and fraud.

Corbett Cameron and the team at Fintex Assets Recovery have made it their undeniable mission to fight back and utilize their years of experience in the technology and securities industries to detect, track, and recover lost assets. Their unbridled commitment has led them to solve over 670 cases of fraud.

Corbett Cameron took some time to answer a few questions about scams, recognizing them, and where Fintex Assets Recovery is headed towards the future.

Hey Corbett, thanks for taking the time to answer a few questions. What does a company like Fintex Assets Recovery represent in the digital age?

Fintex Assets Recovery Company was founded for the purpose of protecting people worldwide against any online fraud, with a focus on unregulated Forex and Binary Options Brokers. They have already claimed millions of victims with an even higher turnover.

Our crack team of skilled professionals share decades of combined experience, and we have all either worked in the options and forex industry or in international banking and cybercrime law. Our leverage is the ability to damage their processing and banking funnels and stamp out criminal behaviour.

I’m sure many people are not aware of how intuitive these hackers and scammers are becoming! What do you think is the most common oversight made by people with their digital assets?

Understanding cryptocurrencies have generated tremendous global interest among investors and internet privacy advocates, and the various currencies have over the past year more than tripled in value. This has made cryptocurrencies and their trading platforms and wallets a target for fraudulent personalities who make a living from stealing from unsuspecting enthusiasts and investors alike.

People are still a little too trusting online, our clients have been swindled by carefully constructed narratives and bad actors in the digital realm, this is why we exist.

How important/instrumental is research and fact-checking to the processes of Fintex Assets Recovery? What are the typical steps you take?


The first stage in Fintex asset recovery from a scam operation is figuring out whether the company in question is legal or not. Then we must pinpoint the exact violations that were made, who is really at fault and what the correct avenues are in order to make our next step.


After concluding the research, our team of experts compile a detailed history of your experience, step by step, trade by trade, and build an irrefutable case, identifying all possible avenues to offer the maximum success for your wealth recovery.


These companies have a long history of scamming. They create the feeling that you have no way to get your money back. We can take action but, you are only allowed one chance to try. Based on our experience, we maximize your chance of getting your money back.

There are many types of scams out there, would you say there is a particular type of scam that is becoming more common or damaging?

Forex scams are picking up speed as more people look for alternative investments. Then of course, there are cryptocurrency scams, stock market scams, binary option scams, and even heartbreakingly, even more romance scams than ever before.

Hypothetically, if someone has just been scammed or is suspecting that their assets are at risk, what would you recommend they do first?

I would definitely recommend that you get in contact with us as soon as possible. When it comes to scams and scammers especially, time is key. Criminals in the digital world have a knack for eluding authorities if left alone for too long, the best and smartest way to approach is to contact authorities as soon as possible and get in contact with us.

Do you have any tips for people to safeguard or reduce the risk of falling prey to scammers?

Always check the validity of the website you’re using, ask for credentials if they claim to be a member of an established institution. Whether it’s a romantic partner overseas or a fintech platform, the chances are that asking for personal banking details or financial details are not a priority.

Be wary of anyone requesting such information or making claims that they need to screenshare as you enter personal details.

It’s better to be safe than sorry.

What has been your proudest moment with Fintex Assets Recovery?

Each and every time we have gotten money or assets back for a client is a proud moment. There really is no better feeling than seeing someone get the justice they deserve and for hardworking people to get their money back. Each time we secure someone’s assets – that is a proud day indeed.

Finally, what is next for Fintex Assets Recovery?

We’re always looking to the future, as we find more experts and get them onto our team we’ll expand exponentially and work towards a stronger and secure future.

Thank you Corbett  for your time! You can follow up with Fintex Assets Recovery  at