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Conventions, Cosplay, & Creativity with Sally Dorasnow

When most people hear the term ‘Cosplay’, thoughts of conventions and elaborate dress-ups immediately come to mind. In the case of cosplaying extraordinaire Sally Dorasnow, it’s not just a hobby – it’s a way of life. Sally has made quite a name for herself in recent years by letting her passion for anime, manga, and video games translate into a fully-fledged career path!

Her social media presence has garnered a lot of attention from her growing fanbase, and there seems to be no sign of slowing down. From attending conventions to creating insanely creative content, Sally Dorasnow is a prime example of what can be achieved with hard work and a zest for expression.

She recently answered a few questions about her inspiration, the cosplaying world, her plans for the future, and what it means to be a content creator in 2022.

Hey Sally, thanks for answering a few questions – let’s start with you telling us a bit about your inspiration to enter the cosplaying world.

Thanks for having me here! I am Sally Dorasnow, a full-time Cosplayer and Content Creator from Malaysia. As long as I can remember I have always really enjoyed watching anime, I remember my first anime was ‘Shakugan no Shana’, it really inspired me to try out cosplay. I realized, like everyone else, authentic cosplay was expensive and not as accessible as it is today, so I held off my cosplay dream until I went to university and joined the Anime Club there.

After giving it a go, I haven’t stopped.

Congratulations on building such a tremendous fanbase across many platforms! How have you found your newfound fame?

It is really satisfying to be able to have recognition of others who like my cosplaying, other than that, I do enjoy making friends from the community. To be honest, I never expected to be able to make cosplay into a career, but university life gave me good opportunities.

One was when I stumbled across an artist called Sakimi Chan, I really admire her and throughout my observation of what she does, I saw the opportunity for connecting people with my cosplay on social media and how to sustain myself through Patreon, it wasn’t an easy start, but I continue to work on it and fortunately, my hard work has paid off.

Is there a particular character you love cosplaying?

I enjoy every cosplay characters I put on, it is always a challenge to try to replicate the state of mind of the character plus what suits the mood and the poses they do. Cosplay is not easy but the picture and scene we are able to bring out is always the sweet spot of warm satisfaction we get.

It’s obvious that you have a real passion for video games, manga and anime, what are your top-tier favorites?

Definitely Overwatch! However, I also play ‘Don’t Starve Together’, the ‘Persona’ series, ‘Harvest Moon’, ‘Story of Season’, the ‘Pokémon’ series, ‘Rune Factory’, ‘Animal Crossing’, and a lot of Farming RPGs and multiplayer games with friends to make fun memories.

Hey, you should join my discord and we can play together too!

As for Manga, I love a good plot. Some of my favorites are ‘To Your Eternity’, ‘Mieruko Chan’, ‘Spyxfamily’, ‘Marimashita Iruma Kun’, and ‘Promised Neverland’. Some of my favorite Anime would be Jigoku Shoujo, ‘To Your Eternity’, ‘Spyxfamily’, ‘Chainsawman’, and ‘Astra Lost In Space’.

Sally Dorasnow -Cosplay’

Is there a character or costume that you haven’t played with yet that you are really wanting to try?

Gosh, this is really a hard question. I do like to cosplay many different characters, but I enjoy challenging myself to try out different types. The number of backlogged costumes I have in my closet is scary.

I guess I do need to get onto cosplaying them soon, I recently read ‘2.5 Jigen no Ririsa’, and I fell in love with the Lilliel character, she would be fun and challenging to cosplay due to the type of hyper personality she has as a character, I am usually a low battery person. I trust I will have a great time at that photo-shoot

Being an online presence seems to be a job all on its own – how do you manage so many channels and platforms so efficiently?

To be honest it is still a trial and error for me since I handle all the social accounts myself, sometimes it is quite overwhelming to think about what to write or post, but I do enjoy that part since I brainstorm and try to make my post as engaging as possible. Finding a suitable person to help out is not that easy, for years I have tried looking to no avail.

I try to delegate with my photoshoots, but socials are almost impossible to replicate authentically, however, if anyone is interested, they can contact me to work something out. I am always open to opportunities for good help.

What has been your favorite convention that you’ve attended?

Definitely Comic Fiesta in Malaysia, you should check it out one day! It is the largest ACG (Animation, Comics, and Games) event in Malaysia and is hosted by a professional team, I had a great time attending their events as an attendee and as a guest.

What do you get up to in your downtime? What does a relaxing day for you look like?

I always wind down by playing video games and chilling with my dogs, they are such angels. I recently got a Frenchie pup and gosh she is a handful, yet she gave me so many sweet memories. The amount of meme faces she puts on is just too adorable. I sometimes go out for movies or dinner but being a weeb as myself, I don’t really go out too much, I really like to stay indoors.

How does a cosplayer generate revenue?

This is a great question! Generally, a cosplayer will have a booth at events and sell their prints to their supporters. Nowadays, due to the advances of technology, we are able to also use online platforms like Kofi, Patreon and other subscription websites to harness the power of the internet to create more wealth.

Me? I do use subscription websites, but I also take on commercial jobs. For instance, I had a really fun time shooting an advertisement for Mobile Legend, it was really tiring for me but satisfying. The most recent job I had was a photo shoot where I needed to be with my dog, which they then turned into an advertisement. We joke that my dog will be able to make more money than me one day.

Any plans to retire?

Most cosplayers know that there is always a time when they need to slow down to focus more on themselves or their life. For me, I would like to conduct more business and invest while I can, to enable my business and investments to take care of me in the future. Although it does sound like wishful thinking, I want to be able to let my future generations have a choice to do what they want without the restriction of money.

Having a choice to choose really changes a person. I don’t want to spoil them, but I want them to take all the chances and risks they could take in life with the comfort of having something to fall back on if they tried but failed.

Cosplay - Sally Dorasnow

How do people view cosplayers?

Normally people view cosplayers as weirdos, weebs, or people that have no life. I have known many professionals that cosplay as a hobby, Engineers, Doctors, Pharmacists, Lawyers, businessmen, singers and many more. You will be surprised by the number of different people from different fields you get to see in the cosplaying world. Maybe 10 years ago you would think that it is just a circle for immature people and kids, but if you look around today, wow you will be so surprised.

What’s next for you?

I am going to Otakufest in Cebu, Philippines on Nov 14th as a guest and my next boothing event is on the 17th-18th Dec in Comic Fiesta Malaysia. Since most restrictions are relaxed, I will be travelling around to conventions and meeting up with friends! Covid really hindered my plans to travel for the past 2 years. I want to go to the US, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, and the Philippines in 2023, I must cross those off of my bucket list!

I always treat going to a different country as a working holiday, so it is really enjoyable. I really want to do all these before I slow down on Cosplaying one day, or when I start a business in the future.

Thank you Sally for your time!

You can follow up with Sally Dorasnow at:

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