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Christopher Levins discusses fraud and timeshare profitability

Christopher Levins from Luxury Vacation Solutions, Inc. (LVS) has a lot to say about the state of the timeshare accommodation industry, having seen firsthand how dishonest and fraudulent practises have turned many away. Christopher cares about assuring integrity in how timeshare packages are advertised and sold so that value is maximized, and owners are not burdened with stress or anxiety about vacation ownership.

Christopher answered some questions about LVS and what they do differently to reassure their customers.

What can you tell us about your business?

At Luxury Vacation Solutions, we are a vacation property marketing and advertising service based in Orlando, Florida – a central hub in the timeshare industry. We cultivate, maintain, and utilize our contacts in the convention and expo industry to leverage corporate accounts to use our client’s properties as an alternative to traditional lodging. This works to help timeshare owners mitigate the cost of ownership of these properties by tapping into a stream of income by renting out or selling their property.

We are all about helping people get the maximum return on their investment in timeshare accommodation so that they don’t feel burned or like they were misled. While many timeshare arrangements can be problematic or unsustainable for owners, our service can be leveraged to effectively turn things around and help create a new source of revenue.

How did you get involved with this kind of business?

My first job was selling timeshare packages over the phone, and I realized from the inside out how deceptive and fraudulent the timeshare industry is. This prompted me to seek a unique way to help people turn a liability into a profitable investment – which is what the fraudulent salesmen told them it was when they sold them the property on the tour.

A lot of vacation property owners can feel overwhelmed or downtrodden by the stress of trying to make money on their investment. My goal and the goal of LVS is to help ease the stress these people experience and show them how their investments can turn a profit.

What kind of customers use your service?

Timeshare or other vacation property owners who want to maximise the profitability of their investment. We particularly encounter customers who have felt like they were misled when they purchased their vacation property and who need help leveraging new sources of income to support their investment.

How can your potential customers save money by using your services?

By leveraging our experience and connections in the property market, as well as with high-profile tenants, we can help vacation owners rent out or resell their property to get a return on their investment with minimal effort. It is another source of income, and every financial wealth expert says having multiple streams of income is a key to security and success.

What should customers watch out for when choosing an organisation in your industry?

They should pay attention to what sets someone apart as there are many identical businesses and you can tell who’s being honest or not. Anyone can post an ad on a website, but you need to ask yourself; ‘does that company actually have a way to fulfil their obligations?’ ‘Are they licensed?’ ‘Are they better business bureau rated?’ ‘Do they comply with all laws, even the small ones they probably don’t know even exist?’

Luxury Vacation Solitons has an A rating on Better Business Bureau, and is recognized as a verified merchant for Authorize.Net. We make it a point to communicate to our customers how we are different from the rest of the industry and seek to provide them with sincere value.

What is your main difference compared to other organizations in the industry?

At LVS, we are different because we leverage corporate clients and pitch these properties as a cost-effective alternative to traditional lodging for corporate executives who are taking business trips. Our talented team has decades of experience in timeshare between us so customers can be assured we know what we’re talking about.

But if I had to choose a specific difference that really makes us stand out, I can boil it down to one word: Integrity.

Tell me a bit about yourself?

I started in the timeshare industry when I was 16, working in a call center thinking I knew everything and quickly coming to realize a very valuable lesson that has served me well: I don’t. Learning to surround myself with experience and to leverage that knowledge allowed me to build what I have. I pursued a degree in Finance from the University of Florida and was awarded a certificate in Human Resources Management from the International School of Business Management. I spent my early career climbing the ranks as a young executive and innovating solutions to common redundancies, leading me to the kind of work I do at LVS, which is simple: I optimize the profitability and return on investment for the vacation properties of my clients.