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Carlos Merino: An Inspiring Story Of Unique Flags

Unique Flags is an online store dedicated to supplying the US military with metal materials, as well as providing authentic and high-quality flags and products to customers across the globe. The brand and store was built by Carlos Merino, who developed the business into a successful entity over the years. The business became so successful that it now has a relationship with the US military and continues to provide products to patriotic Americans across the country.

We sat down and had a chat with Carlos about his company, Unique Flags.

Hi Carlos, thanks for speaking with us. To begin, can you give us some background on yourself?

Absolutely! I was born overseas but have the honor of being a US Citizen. I have been in the metal fabrication industry for over two decades now and have a passion for handcrafting art.

Our main line of business is as Military Contractor supplying metal components to the Department of Defense.

How did you become interested in flag artworks and other unique items?

Much like the rest of us, we had free time during the thick of the pandemic to do some soul searching. I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated various types of artwork and believe art isn’t limited to a specific canvas.

My personal interest in flag artwork is inspired by the unique meanings behind each and every flag.

Can you tell us a bit about how you built your business Unique Flags?

After researching opportunities in the market, I felt compelled to move forward. Unique Flags is built around a lot of brainstorming on how to diversify our line of business. Being a fully equipped military contractor supply company means we already have the necessary skills, tools and resources. This made it easier for us to place these products in production.

What kind of items can people buy from Unique Flags?

We encourage our customer’s creativity. Unique Flags is dedicated to delivering various types of metal flags that resonate with all kinds of individuals.

We never put a cap on our creative designs, from metal flags featuring an inscription of the Pledge of Allegiance, American Eagle flags, to flags dedicated to sports teams and more exclusive designs. In fact, we constantly work to craft new pieces.

Additionally, each item is handmade and unique. There are no two exactly alike. We’re also glad to allow our customers to buy monograms, and of course, if someone has a particular design, we’re more than capable of doing it for them.

How are your items made?

Every piece is handmade using high-quality American steel. We mainly use 14 Gauge Steel for its durability. That’s one of the most significant differences between us and others in the market. Our steel is solid and sturdy as opposed to thin and flexible.

What is it that makes Unique Flags so unique?

I know it may sound cliche, but we’re passionate about what we do here. Creating art and working with raw materials is something we all genuinely enjoy. I guess you could say we’re pretty lucky. Not everyone can say they love what they do!

At the same time, our dedication to our customers is also unique. We don’t just want to meet people’s expectations. We want to amaze them.

Finally, do you have any plans for the future of your business? Is your range expanding?

Yes. Our main business will remain a Military Contractor supply company. Unique Flags is an extension. We like to think of it as a type of thank you to our fellow Americans who have served in The United States Armed Forces, the Emergency Medical Service, Law Enforcement, and so much more.

Unique Flags is for anyone who holds the word patriotism close to their heart.

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Thank you Carlos for your time!
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