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Cari Skrdla and Rosa Long from LifeBack Investing Club talk about helping people realize their potential in real estate investment

Buying and selling a property can be a very lucrative source of revenue, but investing in real estate can be very daunting for many people who would otherwise love to give it a try. Dr. Cari Skrdla and her business partner, Rosa Long founders of LifeBack Investing Club relate to these feelings, but have since pursued amazing careers in real estate and are dedicated to helping others take their first steps, giving them the support they need to succeed.

Cari and Rosa were kind enough to answer some questions about their backgrounds and about LifeBack Investing Club.

Hi Cari and Rosa, how did each of you get into real estate?


I entered corporate America after Walt Disney recruited me in my senior year of undergrad. I worked for the company for 10 years in human resources. During that time, I achieved a master’s degree in business but remained unsatisfied in my career. After leaving Disney, I began working in education and completed my doctorate in Neuropsychology. However, I was still unfulfilled in my career.  Finally, I heard about real estate investing classes I could take, and I decided to jump in. Before 2008 I built several homes in Arizona and continued on to purchase properties for rehabilitation and marketing, aka, fix n flip. Today, it makes me happy to not only do deals for myself but to show others how to have an education that will lead to a real wealth-building opportunity.


I have always loved real estate. I knew what I didn’t know, and I knew that without the right support, I would not be successful. Both Cari and I found a community of investors and found the recipe for success in real estate investing: the right knowledge, available resources and team support.

What’s the story behind LifeBack Investing Club?


I entered into investing with no clue of what options I had or what the risk was. That gave me just as many losses as it did wins. LifeBack Investing Club is a creation founded in the belief that people need the right education, but also we can share in the risks to minimize the impact. Our community has investors, lenders, contractors, estimators, etc. We look at every deal to perform our due diligence so not to be caught off guard. Once we have fully vented the deal, we will advise for or against but at the end of the day each investor can make their own decision.


I realized their was a recipe for successfully investing in real estate worked, Cari and I joined forces to create Lifeback Investing Club to offer others the same opportunity. Our goals are to help people, just like us, who have always wanted to get into real estate investing but were too afraid to try because they felt they didn’t know how to get started and/or they thought they had to use their own money to do deals.

What can people expect when getting involved with LifeBack?


Many people are intimidated by the idea of investing in real estate. That’s easy to understand because you don’t know what you don’t know.  We provide the right education, the right teams, and we hold your hand through the process of getting started. We see the games that other groups play, charging outrages prices with very little support in actually assisting an individual with getting started. That’s not us, that’s not our hearts: one dream, one team.


When people join our LifeBack team, they will get a great education that includes the opportunity to join our masterminds that keep members current with whatever the market is doing in any area of real estate investing.

They will also have a community of people where deals are brought to the table for peer review, and these are sometimes offered as investing opportunities.

Likewise, they can expect to have the chance themselves to bring deals to the table and receive feedback on whether it’s a good investment or not. And, when it comes to funding their deals, we like to say, “Money finds great deals.”

What type of person is your service best suited for?


It’s for people who want to build wealth on a solid foundation and people with a retirement gap who feel trapped. It’s for women who are starting over after a break-up, and couples who want to enjoy life but feel limited by finances.


LifeBack Investing Club is for novice investors (people who have always wanted to get into real estate investing but have never figured out how to get started) and for seasoned investors who are wanting to expand their portfolio.

LifeBack Investing Club is also for people who want more than a 9-5 job can provide: FREEDOM in every aspect of their lives.

What questions do receive most often from those who are interested in using your investment strategies?

How much is it?

Why can’t I just do this for myself?

How much money have you made?

What is the impact of COVID-19 on your services and the way your students are investing in the property market?

This is the beauty of the group. We can do deals in any environment. Most people think of fix n flip, but there are at least a half dozen other options. Wholesale, Buy and Hold, Distressed Notes, Tax Liens, etc.