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Byron Morrison: This Everyday, Ordinary Author Is Helping Make An Extraordinary Change Around The World

“We become our own worst enemies when we stay stuck in our head,” says Byron Morrison, an accomplished author, and entrepreneur, as he discusses his past struggles with self-image and fulfillment. It’s an adage that has served as the guiding principle of his journey from personal transformation to helping others achieve the same. Now, as the author, entrepreneur, and speaker shares his message with thousands from around the world through his coaching and his books, he wants to make sure that his message is clear. Yes, he wants to be successful, yes, he helps seven, eight, and nine-figure clients from around the world, and yes, his company is on pace to scale to the same mark. However, despite the success, he wants people to realize he is an ordinary guy who simply chose to follow his calling, and the profits followed. Here’s his story.

Overcoming Personal Struggles

“My younger self was overweight and struggling with confidence,” Byron reveals candidly. His struggle was a silent one – much like those of countless others worldwide. However, when his father was diagnosed with cancer, it became a pivotal point in his life.”I realized that I was my own worst enemy and I had to get out of my way.” This epiphany led Byron to embark on a dramatic course of transformation. His determination to overcome his struggles and his resilience to adapt in the face of adversity led him on a path of self-improvement. It was a journey Byron realized was not just crucial for him, but one that could inspire and help others facing similar battles.

Getting Unstuck and Finding Purpose

“Growing up, I didn’t know what I wanted to do,” Byron admits. “I went to university to help people, but I wasn’t sure how.” After university, he entered a toxic work environment of corporate ladder-climbing and money-centered ambition. He felt a lack of purpose, a feeling he now has realized many others shared. It was this shared disillusionment that sparked a revelation: “I was a guy who was stuck, and I decided to change.” Following his success, Byron decided to share his thoughts in a book. “Studying mindset, and psychology, and learning myself helped me to dramatically turn around my life. I wanted to share what I had learned with others.” The book would be well-received and lead him to start a business coaching others how to get  “unstuck” in life. Now he is all in on continuing the work that he has started including his 

“Over the last decade, I’ve written three books,” says Byron. His fourth, “Maybe You Should Give Up,” will be released in June. “It’s not about encouraging people to give up on their dreams. I want to inspire them to give up on the mental barriers holding them back.”

Empowering Everyday People

Byron’s business thrives on guiding high-level professionals, CEOs, and other business leaders. However, he’s equally committed to reaching people that haven’t yet achieved a high level of success.

“Everyone has the power to make a difference in the world, you don’t have to have some super success story to do that,” Byron states. Byron is the perfect example of that. “I would hear stories of people like David Goggins and his incredible journey – it intimidated me. It led me to question if my journey was important enough to share.” However, he now realizes that there is power in the story that he does have. He believes he is called to reach a demographic that feels stuck in the middle of the road. “I’m an everyday person who had a vision for the life he wanted and I put myself out there to make it happen. If I can do it, so can others.”

His latest book, ‘Maybe You Should Give Up,” is full of practical strategies and tactics to help others accomplish this goal of turning the ordinary into the extraordinary. With a focus on mindset and putting an end to self-sabotage, Byron’s book is perfect for helping the reader to overcome their mental barriers and start taking control of their life. 

The Journey Continues: What’s Next?

Byron has big plans for the future: “I want to get this book in stores and speak to thousands around the world.” He dreams of speaking on large stages to thousands of people and empowering people to start living out the life of their dreams. For anyone else who has big plans, his advice is simple. “Put yourself out there and go for it.”

You can follow Byron’s journey or learn more about his books by visiting his website or following him on Instagram.