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Business Mentor and Serial Entrepreneur Didi Wong Shares Her Secrets to Alternative Investing

If you had to describe Didi Wong in one word, the best word to describe her would be well-rounded. She was born in Hong Kong, raised in England, and now she lives in Los Angeles. She’s also an Award-Winning International Keynote Speaker, Hollywood Film & TV Producer, Serial Entrepreneur, Mentor, Best-Selling Author, Angel Investor, and mother of four children.

Although she has her hand in many different opportunities, she is very deliberate in what she chooses to spend her time on. Wong is an investor, but not in the traditional sense of investing in stocks and real estate. She has invested in Thin Energy, a plant-based energy drink, TV shows, socially impactful movies, Genius Key, an aptitude personality test, and companies that impact or promote women’s empowerment.

Wong has funded and worked alongside some big names across many industries. People like Larry King, “Rich Dad, Poor Dad’ Robert Kiyosaki, Mia Flewitt, a two-time and reigning Pure McLaren GT Series Champion, Tim Storey, a renowned celebrity life coach, Chris Voss, FBI’s ex top negotiator and Royalties from all over the world, just to name a few.

She was a judge on the business show “Elevator Pitch” and was featured in the award-winning documentary “Impact”.

“I invest in projects that have some type of social impact. Whether it be women empowerment, the Black Lives Matter movement or environmentally impactful projects. I’m an Executive Producer for a reality TV show called Money Moves, which takes a new spin on Shark Tank. The goal is to help the Black Lives Matter Movement and minority entrepreneurs in the United States of America.

“Along with TV shows and movies, I invest in companies that have a social impact, especially if it involves women’s empowerment in male-dominated industries. For example, one of the companies I invest in is called the Queens Gaming Collective. It’s a women-led gaming lifestyle company that challenges diversity and gender equity issues inside the male-dominated gaming industry. Queen’s Gaming Collective’s mission is to expand the word of gaming by promoting women’s involvement as creators, streamers, and competitors, and they do this by providing infrastructure, resources, and representation,” says Wong.

“I also invested in the Genius Key and Thin Energy. Genius Key is a testing tool that helps people reach their peak performance by determining their strengths and weaknesses. It assesses your skills and provides you with suggestions to develop your skills to skyrocket your success. Thin Energy Complete is a plant-based wellness drink for people on the go. It’s caffeine-free and contains immune-boosting components like elderberry, zinc, and vitamin D. It’s perfect for busy people who work hard and want to prioritize their health,” says Wong.