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Brooke Benevento Shares 3 Highly Pragmatic Ways of Applying the Law of Attraction in Business

Business can sometimes be challenging, especially when someone isn’t familiar with how the Law of Attraction can help. Owning your own business attracts so many people because it allows people to do what they love to do on their terms. Brooke Benevento, Founder and CEO of Passion Into Purpose Coaching and Co-Founder, and CEO of LandHome Design found success by applying the law of attraction in three highly pragmatic ways. In this article, she shares her tool kit.

You are what you attract

This law suggests what you think about manifests in your life. This law also suggests that you attract people who are on the same level of vibrations you are on. Basically, it means that people tend to attract people who are similar to them. The saying goes, you are as successful as the top 5 people you hang around. You can quickly analyze at what level of vibration you are vibrating by taking inventory of your closest allies.

Brooke explains“When I started my business with my husband, I remember taking inventory of myself and how I was spending most of my time. I discovered my vibrations were not where I wanted them to be and I made an oath to myself to start investing in myself first and to have faith that everything else would fall into place. And it has.”

Positive Self-Talk

For Brooke, nothing is more important than a positive mental attitude. She says, “In life, there are ups and downs. It’s inevitable.  It is in the time of failure that we have the opportunity to reflect on our shortcomings and reemerge as more confident well rounded human beings. Without failure we can never grow our abilities as humans, this is why a positive mental attitude is so important. Instilling the principle of a positive mental attitude through the good and bad times is what will catapult you to the vibration where the Law of Attraction works in perfect harmony with whatever you may need or want in life.”

Success Visualization

One of the most powerful tools of the laws of attraction is visualization. Brooke explains what steps she teaches her clients so they   “inevitably start to live the life they have always imagined, but never thought was possible.”  she continues, “you only need about 15- 30 minutes a day to actively attract the life you are dreaming about. I find it most productive to practice the Law of Attraction in this order; express gratefulness to Infinite Intelligence, visualize your goals (future) with only a positive mental attitude (if the thought doesn’t feel good get rid of it), as you visualize your future attach an emotion to the visualization, and then last but not least go through your positive “I am” affirmations. Continue to stay consistent for 30 days 2x a day and watch the magic happen.”

Brooke’s ways of using the law of attraction can undoubtedly benefit others as well.