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Israel Cassol seen leaving a fashion event last week in Soho, London’

Brazilian influencer, Israel Cassol,sets new male fashion trends on the streets of London with £100K collection of Birkins

Gone are the days when skirts were just for women and trousers were just for men. In 2019, gender no longer dictates the way people dress. The gender-neutral clothing is the future of fashion.

‘ I wasn’t a fan of how basic and simple the clothes were in the men’s section. Typical men’s clothing have no personality or character. As as result, I wanted to wear something that was unique and recognizes me as individual’ , says Israel Cassol, a Brazilian influencer and actor who now lives in London and has a collection of Birkin bags worth over £100K.

Israel’s story begins in a small town in Brazil where he grew up and which he left when he turned 21 to pursue a career in modelling in Europe. Now, the fashion lover resides in London with his husband Rupert and their beloved dog Toby. Israel travels at least once a month, dines out almost every night at Mayfair’s best restaurants and attends all the important events on the fashion scene, from Fashion Week to charity galas.

Israel Cassol Birkins
Israel Cassol. Photo: Fabiana Delcanton

His dressing room is not typical for a 38 yo guy either. Israel owns an impressive collection of Hermes bags including HAC, Kelly and Birkin , countless pairs of shoes, a Cartier bracelet worth over £25K and … Gucci skirts, worth over £800 each! Because the fashionista believes men can wear them without having their masculinity chipped in any way : ‘With the right attitude and confidence, you can wear whatever you want. It is crazy to think that women can get away with wearing men’s clothes without being judged rather than men wearing women’s clothing. That’s why I want the skirts, scarves and bags to become the new trend for men! When it comes to fashion there is no masculine or feminine, wrong or right, Fashion has no sex!’.

With over 12K followers on his Instagram page (@israel.cassol), Israel’s feed is an aspirational mix of fashion focused snaps, make up tutorials, fun interviews with top models and celebrities, travel pics from exotic destinations all over the world and inspirational IG stories, because he strongly believes Social Media is a great way of inspiring young people to work hard in order to achieve their dreams no matter how big or small they are.

Brazilian influencer, Israel Cassol
Israel Cassol. Photo: Fabiana Delcanton

Israel’s androgynous signature style started to be recognized in all social events which he attends regularly, wow-ing the London party scene with his innovative outfit choices including Gucci skirts worth over £800, stylish scarves and of course, the famous Birkin bags, making ‘The Brazilian British Birkin Boy’ nickname a well deserved title.

Talking about Christmas and the festive seasons, Israel is already excited about his ‘special order’ Hermes Birkin bag which he designed himself, carefully choosing the colours, materials and all the details so we are sure the fashionista will turn heads in London town and all over the globe!