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Brandon Polpstein

Brandon Polpstein, the co-founder of Kennected, talks LinkedIn automation and SaaS

Brandon Polpstein
Brandon Polpstein

Brandon Polpstein is quite well known in the world of LinkedIn automation. Kennected, the digital brand he co-founded is making waves in the LinkedIn marketing world. As the Chief Operating Officer of Kennected. Brandon spearheads delivery of SaaS services and customer experience.

As a co-founder of a company that deals largely with Linkedln automation, Brandon sheds some light on LinkedIn automation and SaaS in this interview, the challenges the industry faces as well as the effect of the pandemic on the industry.

Brandon, can you please tell is what it’s like overseeing the company’s operations?

Certainly, as a co-founder at Kennected, with its extensive customer base, I oversee the day to day operations. Our chief aim is to make sure our customer’s have success campaigns using Kennected. The company focuses on automating certain operations on LinkedIn for our clients to scale their lead generation campaigns. We believe in automating the mundane parts, and then having human interaction take over when it comes to actually speaking with people.

An high degree of attention is given to our software as a Service (SaaS). As opposed to slogging through manual visits, and sending manual messages, our software integration automates leads for you. Kennected does helping build lists based on the parameters our clients put into the system. We help our clients find ideal people to connect with and hopefully to do business with.

Can you please give further explanations on what LinkedIn automation and SaaS brings to the table for companies?

LinkedIn automation does all the boring, and time-consuming things like profile visits, and sending messages. The responsibilities of our platform include profile visits, network formations, connecting requests, initiating conversations, et cetera. The aim is to enable one to develop real-life conversations with generated leads who came through the profile and conversation interactions.

SaaS or, Software as a Service, is simply selling our web-based software- Kennected on a subscription basis for clients to reach their marketing goals. It SaaS means Software as a Service. It entails the use of web-based software that serves marketing purposes for clients.

What challenges do  LinkedIn Automation and SaaS services face?

SaaS companies as a whole are often faced with technology issues. Everything from data updates, to server hosting and customer experience. With a solid development team, Kennected has built up a stellar reputation in the space, for amazing customer service and support. Scaling up a company can often prove challenging for people. Having the right people in the right roles is essential for any SaaS company.

What toll, either positive or negative, has the Covid-19 pandemic taken on business?

Kennected has seen nothing but massive growth since the Covid 19 pandemic. I think one of the reasons for this, is that people were trying to figure out how to still “network”; while face to face meetings were no longer an option.

Kennected was a natural transition for people. Our software helps people meet other people with less time, and better sorting of “who our users actually want to connect with” based on our parameters. We are excited to help our existing users, and new users grow their business, post Covid-19 shutdown. Check out if you want to learn more about our software.

Thank you Brandon for your time!
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