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Bourbon Whiz puts a fun adult twist on a timeless tale

Considered one of the greatest films of all time, The Wizard of Oz sent ripples through pop culture that are still being echoed to this day. The film has been the subject of parody on numerous occasions, however “Bourbon Whiz” by New Orleans-based comedy company Sketchy Characters puts a uniquely adult twist on this classic story.

While following the story beats of The Wizard of Oz, Bourbon Whiz is dripping with the distinct personality of the New Orleans nightlife. The main character Dotty (played by Marisa Welles) meets twisted versions of The Scarecrow, The Tin Man, and The Cowardly Lion.

In this version, The Scarecrow is a crackhead who’s lost his precious crack, The Tin Man is a living statue who is seeking motivation, and The Cowardly Lion is a barker who’s trying to find a 3 for 1 sign. After being magically transported to New Orleans, Dotty lands in a strip club, inadvertently killing the “Wicked Stripper of The East” and acquiring the “ruby red G-string”.

The feature’s sexual humor is in your face and leads to plenty of laugh out loud moments as the writing walks the line between crude and clever. The tone of the production is upbeat at all times, mirroring the vibrant yet sometimes chaotic nature of the city it’s based in.

Along with some original songs, classic songs from The Wizard of Oz are parodied in a variety of styles ranging from country, rock, techno and blues. A mix of convincing, high-energy performances and solid production values, Bourbon Whiz is a fun romp through the streets of New Orleans that’s certainly worth a watch.

Bourbon Whiz Poster

You can check out “Bourbon Whiz” in full on YouTube here.