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Boosting Business Visibility: How LeadOrigin Implements Innovative Strategies for Strong Returns

LeadOrigin has one primary mission—to generate business and revenue for its customers. 

If their client is an eCommerce store, the goal is more sales. If the client is a law firm, that means generating more leads that convert into cases. 

“Whatever it may be, we create the website for our clients, we create brands for our clients,” said LeadOrigin Co-Founder Bilal Patoli. “A business comes to us with a proof of concept and we bring it to life. From there, we drive traffic, we drive customers, and we slowly increase their business, to give them more and more revenue as we refine and scale. That’s where our clients grow.”

Illustrating the LeadOrigin approach to doing business is a case study involving a family office that was going to buy 12 Burger Kings. But due diligence revealed that the average store revenue was only $900,000 per location. That would have meant 12 years for ROI.  

The family office became LeadOrigin clients and presented their situation. An alternative approach proposed by LeadOrigin generated a dramatic boost in earnings. 

Instead of buying the Burger King locations, LeadOrigin advised the family to buy a distressed restaurant brand and make it their own. The ROI would be one-fifth of the time for the Burger Kings. 

“They bought a pre-existing, historic, dinosaur brand and we ended up rebranding it,” Bilal said. “We did the name, we did the slogan, we did the logo, we did the 3D architectural interior rendering. We did a lot. We didn’t just do marketing, we came and reworked the entire conception of that organization.” 

The restaurant operators have already opened up three locations and plans are in the works for nine more. 

Another business that LeadOrigin worked with was Team Dermatology. The digital marketing firm helped the health care organization land more than 3,800 new patients over the last two-and-a-half years. 

How did they achieve that?

“Effective, data-driven, digital marketing strategies,” said LeadOrigin Co-Founder Zohaib Patoli. “Pay-per-click advertising; SEO; social media; building a conversion-friendly website that really kept the user experience in mind, from the moment someone logged on to the moment they booked an appointment. Going far beyond pictures and memes to craft a funnel that brought in more patients.”

Emphasizing management over advertising, LeadOrigin offers clients guidance based on data-driven results that include: 

  • The number of messages received through a particular platform.
  • The click-open rate of emails.
  • The number of inquiries an advertising campaign generates. 
  • The length and depth of an inquiry made over the phone. 

LeadOrigin taps the power of its customized, omnichannel and data-driven strategies to propel its full suite of marketing and creative services, including:

  • Creative + Design Services: Brand identity development for targeted messaging; and optimal message delivery. 
  • Paid Media Services: Advanced targeting and tracking technology amplifies messaging.
  • Earned and Owned Media Services: A customer-centric approach to organic visibility growth and industry leader distinction.
  • Digital Intelligence Services: Data conversion into actionable strategies; and trends assessment for future outcome probability.
  • Market research aimed at understanding a client’s target market, with detailed SWOT, PEST, GAP and competitor analyses for audience comprehension and the crafting of marketing messages.

“We develop targeted, trackable campaigns that allow your company to build a scalable marketing funnel, for you to measure customer-cost acquisitions, and understand that data, so we can build out a cohesive marketing strategy,” Zohaib said. 

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