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Billion-dollar ex-engineer shares techniques for fuelling the dreams of businesses big and small

DigitalSaleMarketing LLC is a highly successful ‘data-driven’ digital marketing firm based in Houston, Texas. Mohammad Siddiqui (AKA ‘Mo’) is a vital member of the team at DigitalSaleMarketing LLC, where they focus on data-driven google traffic sales increase solutions for their clients. They have worked across a variety of different industries, including the legal sector, health industry and even other tech-based firms. They have successfully helped deliver over $300 MM in revenue, with 2,800 first page google keyword placement optimisations. Their customer base leverages their expertise in different aspects of digital marketing, including digital advertising and lead generation.

Fortunately for us, Mohammad was able to answer some questions about the business.

Mohammad, when was DigitalSaleMarketing LLC founded and did you have any experience in marketing before this?

DigitalSaleMarketing was founded in 2017. At the time, I was working on multiple apps and did a great job at developing them but realised after the app was done that there were no customers. Consequently, I pursued marketing so I could develop an understanding as to how I could get more customers for the apps. While researching, I fell in love with “Data-Based” Digital Marketing.

Ironically, when I worked for a small oil and gas company that we sold for $6 billion (largest oil and gas sale in the USA, in 2013), everything we did there for growth was also based on data, analytics and insights. Today, we are using the same data-driven insights and execution but applied to digital marketing, for small to mid-sized businesses.

For each project, what is the typical ROI, and how do you achieve this consistency across multiple clients?

Digital marketing is not only an art but also a science. Nowadays, with the modern tracking tools, we have available to us every piece of the customer journey, that can be tracked and monitored to determine a very accurate ROI. We use Google Analytics, Google ads insights, funnel tracking, call tracking and other third-party tools incorporated with AI to track every client account. All these tools provide us with copious amounts of data, which we then convert into insights and intelligence to tweak our methodologies and propel sales.

In your opinion, what is the most enjoyable aspect of working in a digital marketing company?

The most enjoyable part of running a marketing company is embracing the cutting edge of the latest technology, which can be used to enhance our services. Seeing this translated into success and utility for the customer is very rewarding. I also enjoy analysing customer journeys, starting from a simple Google search and finishing with a finalised sale. Solving this puzzle with our engineering background, troubleshooting sales breakthroughs and deriving competitive intel are incredibly rewarding tasks.

What have been some of the biggest challenges the firm has faced, and how have they overcome these obstacles?

One of our biggest challenges has been finding and keeping quality talent and keeping up with the latest technologies as digital marketing is changing every day. Furthermore, all companies are going through a learning curve on utilising different tools, identifying the pros and cons and then coming up with a system that works.

After three years of working with hundreds of clients, we know the exact tools, metrics to track and tweak. This helps to drive success for each client, and also helps standardise and deliver a very high ROI compared to some of the other companies.

Additionally, our company is run by engineers who are now data-driven marketers. This ensures that everything we do is put through a prism of data tracking analytics and profitability for the client. This is what sets us apart.

How do you differentiate DigitalSaleMarketing LLC from its main competitors and, more importantly, what makes your firm better than the rest?

We always focus on the changing Google algorithm, making sure we are up to date with the latest marketing technologies and methodologies. We now know the exact steps to implement for company profiles to start generating traffic and begin beating the competition for high-value keywords, which we call the ‘money keywords’. Also, with the data tools available to us, we can figure out with a 98% certainty the marketing strategy and tactics that will generate results.

Furthermore, we only hire US and Canadian workers who have a good understanding of the buying psychology of the customer and can write articles and prepare material that will convert traffic to sales. We also try to focus on delivering sales rather than solely driving traffic. Indeed, more than 90% of the other marketing companies concentrate on traffic and not actual conversions. However, when we work with clients, they know what optimisation work was done every month, and more importantly, how it impacted their profile. This provides our clients with an excellent overview as to which short-term and long-term goals are being achieved.

Our work starts with a solid strategy and is then followed with complementing tactics, with an eventual goal to increase sales. We have worked with law firms, dental practices and tech companies across the United States, these are some of the most competitive and challenging niches. Our broad experience has helped us become proficient at search engine optimisation ads and driving more sales in any part of the country. We currently have 3 focus teams, and each team concentrates on one business type. For example, we have a team for dental practices, another for law practices and another unit for the tech company space.

Do you change your marketing strategies when working with smaller businesses as opposed to larger companies? If so, what do you change and why?

Yes, we do. When looking at our marketing strategies for smaller companies or some more prominent companies, there is a difference. This is because larger companies have bigger budgets for generating more content and have the capacity to pursue more high-volume keywords, which can help them create a lot more traffic associated with those keywords. Likewise, because of the limited budget, small businesses need to focus on key terms and keywords that are relatively easier to rank in, but still have the capacity to drive sales and generate ROI.

Both strategies are useful; however, it does come down to the lifetime value of the customer for the product that you are selling. The larger the LTV, the more massive the ROI. We have taken small companies and grown them 10X, 10X fast. Put simply, digital marketing done right pays 600- 10,000+ % ROI.

Thank you Mohammad for your time!
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