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Entrepreneurial expert Bill Bromley reveals how investment business brokers can seal the deal when buying or selling your business

When looking to buy or sell a business, the entrepreneurial experience of someone like Bill Bromley from Investment Business Brokers can be fundamental for achieving a successful deal. With years of experience with a variety of businesses, Bill Bromley knows a thing or two about navigating the market.

His customer-first attitude allows him to connect with his clients and understand their goals in order to get them the best results possible. He speaks about his expertise and how Investment Business Brokers rose to success.

Can you tell us a bit about yourself and your history as an entrepreneur?

My name is Bill Bromley and I have been an entrepreneur since grade school. Sales intrigued me at a very young age. It started from when we were given the ability to do door to door sales selling household items like candles and potholders in efforts to win prizes like games and cash for top sales.  From there I graduated to selling chocolate bars to go to camp and I was always the top salesperson. Eventually I graduated to selling candy at school which I purchased from the local convenient store and sold for three times the price. This is how I learned about margins. Once I got used to spending money I was always hustling for the bigger dollar. From newspaper routes to lawn mowing to car washing. If it made money by simple means, I was there for the taking.

Eventually I got into brick-and-mortar businesses. Businesses such as screen printing, auto and stereo accessories, car detailing etc.  If there was a demand, I found a way to fill it.  I found cheap rents, good workers and pleasing customers with our services was the recipe to success.  I have found in my life that I do get bored once a level of success has been achieved and always find myself searching for something new that piques my interest.  My ceiling is always growing.

Starting new businesses, building them, and selling them was another recipe to my success.  My gift of gab is my best asset, and it has always helped the growth of my businesses as it helps me take a personal approach to the customer and shows them that I am a real person that appreciates their business.

I have been in many industries such as automotive, construction, hospitality, manufacturing and more.  It is my project-based mind and drive to achieve another level of success that pushes me to continue my entrepreneurial endeavors.

What inspired you to develop Investment Business Brokers?

After many years of owning and operating my own businesses and dealing with the headaches of government agencies and many employees I decided to use my skill sets to help others.  I had become familiar with the Buy-Sell process, Bank Financing, Licensing and Permitting, Customer relations and so on.  These skills help me to relate to the effort it takes to have a successful business and how to best help my clients and their needs.  I find my business insight and past experience helps me best prepare my clients for what is to come during a business transaction and how to best deal with each step along the way.

What services do you offer at Investment Business Brokers?

  • Buy-Side Services
  • Sell-Side Services
  • SBA Bank Packaging
  • Consulting Services
  • Pitch Deck Buildouts

How has your expertise allowed you to help advise other business owners on buying and selling their businesses?

I have been in many of the situations most business owners have experienced.  It allows me to sympathize with what they are going through.  I have hit many roadblocks in my own businesses and have had to navigate my way through the rigors of many problems, sometimes successfully and sometimes not.  But it is these lessons that I can share with other business owners to help them prevent making certain mistakes.  I have had successful and non-successful transactions in my own dealings and it is my ability to reflect back on what could have been done differently that helps me best help others.

What do you think makes Investment Business Brokers unique?

The fact that we truly aim to please our clients and go above and beyond typical Broker Services to get their deal done.  If it is environmental issues, bank issues, title issues or negotiations we work to find successful outcomes to get our client deals done.

We also produce some of the best material in the industry with our Information Memorandums, Marketing and Pitch Decks.  Our product is as important to us as our Clients.  We are quick to respond to the needs of our clients and treat them as if they are our only client.

What can clients expect from you and your business?

They can expect quick turnaround on communications, exceptional service, and a let’s get it done attitude.  We are just as excited to get their deal done as we are to get paid.  We take a personal interest in our clients and their goals become ours.  It is this personal attention that most Brokerage Firms don’t use.  We are dealing with real people who have worked very hard to build their businesses and we want to show them that their business is as important to us as it is to them.

How important do you think it is for people to have someone like you on their side when looking to buy or sell a business?

It is critical to have us on their side.  We are able to use our entrepreneurial skills to guide them through the many processes that a business transaction has.  We will brief them on the process and educate them on how we best represent them and how critical their involvement is in the process.  It takes a Seller and Broker to manage the process properly.  Transactions have a lot of moving parts and having us on their side allows us to brief the clients on what to expect and what’s to come in each process.  We find the education process and preparing the client is just as important as finding the right Buyer or Seller.

What fundamental piece of advice would you give to someone looking to buy or sell a business?

Act in a timely matter.  Time kills deals.  If the Buyer, Seller or Broker need information, make it a priority.  Be enthusiastic about the process and willing to help at all times.  Attitude and outlook really pay well in the process.  If you think of the process as a positive event, it will turn out to be a positive transaction.  It’s not always easy going through the process but it’s how you deal with it that ultimately gets the deal across the finish line.

Thank you Bill for your time!
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