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Benny Nisanov is the staple of the jewellery industry for many A list Celebrities:

Benny Nisanov is quite a well-known name in the music industry. However, it is not because he is a musician but he is an acclaimed jeweler who makes quality customized designs for A list celebrities such as Diddy, Pop Smoke, French Montana and even athletes like Tim Hardaway Jr.

The 30-year-old talented jeweler is of Russian origin, dwelling in New York City. He had inherited the jewelry business from his father, who was in this industry for almost two years. He finally decided to retire and hand it over to his son. Things took a turn for the better when Benny’s customized Jewelry pieces impressed rapper Casanova in 2016. Soon his story of talent and hard work spread like wildfire in the music industry. In a matter of time, Benny bagged A-list celebrity clients like Pop Smoke, Diddy, etcetera.

The whole process starts with the client discussing the kind of design they have in mind. Benny proceeds to interpret the design next and draws a draft to change it as per his client’s vision. After the final changes are made, Benny carves out the design imprint on wood to get a 3d view. After getting the client’s approval on quality, design and price, Benny proceeds to create his final masterpiece. The time taken usually ranges from three to four weeks and the ones which are small and require less work take around two weeks.

Due to his recognition in the entertainment industry and top-quality products, he tends to create pieces with a minimum price range of $10,000. Celebrity Mary J.Blige got a custom piece made recently which cost around $250,000. Lil Tjay, another A list celebrity also purchased a beautiful pendant for $100k. Benny’s latest project involves making four customized Jewelry pieces for French Montana. The pricing is still unrevealed. Benny’s most expensive jewelry was apparently tagged at around a quarter of a million dollars and it was sold to some anonymous person.

Famous musicians Diddy and Pop Smoke were loyal customers of Benny. Diddy even convinced his family to switch to the 30-year-old Jeweler’s business. In fact, Benny made a customized pendant for Diddy’s mother with the inscription of ‘Mimi’. Mimi was Diddy’s mother’s name. Benny personally delivered the diamond piece to her on her birthday. Her reaction was truly worth watching.

Benny’s future plans include expanding and adding branches to his Jewelry shop but he has not decided on the location yet. He wishes to keep continuing his work and reach out to more people.

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