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Beat Your Adult Content Addiction with Ben and Tech Lockdown

The internet provides instant access to almost anything in the world. While this can be beneficial in many ways, it can also lead to habits that are incredibly tough to break. Software developer Ben knows the dangers of unfiltered access to the internet, developing his innovative program Tech Lockdown as a way to block adult content on the devices of those struggling with addiction. Using AI-based DNS filtering, Tech Lockdown has managed to help countless people beat their addiction to adult content.

Welcome Ben! To begin the interview can you tell us a little bit about yourself?

I’m a software developer focused on helping people break unwanted addictions to adult content on the internet. The internet provides instant access to unrestricted pleasure and quickly trains us to form destructive addictions without us even realizing it. I’m fascinated with the science of habits and addiction and how we can tame our technology. Unrestricted technology isn’t just a risk for children, we need to control it for ourselves too.

How did you begin your professional career?

In 2014 I started working for myself as an IT consultant helping businesses scale online. I’ve been developing software for about 8 years and focused on helping entrepreneurs gain access to the capabilities of a large corporation. I quickly realized that many individuals and households also needed the capabilities of a business IT department but lacked the required technical and financial ability.

How did this lead to the development of Tech Lockdown?

I’ve worked remotely for most of my career and I knew that having constant unfiltered access to the internet wasn’t healthy. Restricting access to adult content isn’t as simple as installing a blocking app and most solutions are built for parents, not individuals who want to self-restrict.

As a result, I configured my devices and home network as if I were an IT department setting up devices for employees. This meant that I focused on setting up restriction and content filtering that would be difficult to disable. When the COVID pandemic hit and many people worked remotely for the first time, I was flooded with requests from people who wanted to do the same thing. I was quickly overwhelmed with the demand, so I had to create a solution that allowed non-technical people to do it themselves.

What exactly is Tech Lockdown? What does it do?

Techlockdown helps people set up the most effective adult content blocking systems on their devices. We provide AI-based DNS filtering that blocks this harmful content on virtually every device when at home or traveling. Then, we walk you through configuring each device prevent you from circumventing your own blocking system. Ultimately, techlockdown helps people break their own addictions and gives parents peace of mind that their children don’t have unlimited access to harmful material.

Can you explain a bit more about what goes into your blocking system?

We first provide access to a DNS Filter that can block entire categories of websites, like Adult Content or common circumvention techniques, on almost every type of device. The DNS Filter uses artificial intelligence to constantly identify new websites that are publishing adult content. Depending on the device, we configure other layers of blocking protection on the device itself. Then, various device management techniques are configured to prevent circumvention.

Why is this service so important for so many people?

When combined with dopamine, technology can lead many people into a spiral into destructive addictions that they lose control of. Addiction to adult content on the internet starts at a young age and continues for many people throughout adulthood. If you’re trying to break a bigger addiction, it’s incredibly helpful to defeat the smaller habits you have with your technology first.  When you implement a blocking system, you restrict the ability to compulsively use your technology to access inappropriate content.

What makes your service different to other techniques for blocking adult content?

You can’t rely on a standard blocking application to solve this problem on each device that you can access adult content on. You also can’t rely on a standard DNS Filter because many of them aren’t effective at identifying adult content. Furthermore, there are many ways to get around blocking applications and DNS Filtering, so you need to combine them with device restrictions.

Finally, what fundamental piece of advice would you give to people struggling to beat their addiction to adult content?

It’s important to first understand the science behind this kind of addiction and the benefits you’ll likely notice once you defeat it – you can read a summary here. Depending on your level of addiction, you might need a period of 30, 60, or even 90 days of complete abstinence to notice positive changes. You’ll have a higher chance of success if you limit how much willpower you use on a regular basis to stop yourself from acting on this addictive behavior. One of the best ways to do this is by setting up a blocking system on your devices. If you work from home, consider renting an office so that you don’t have to use willpower for most of the workday.

Thank you Ben for your time!

You can follow up with Ben and get the most effective system for blocking porn on all your devices here: