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Avi Wolfson discusses his approach to ensuring customer satisfaction

Avi Wolfson owns the eBay store Affordable Assets which carries a wide range of high quality, useful products that can be shipped anywhere, worldwide. He is passionate about ensuring customer satisfaction and has worked hard to create a successful store that’s continuing to grow rapidly.

For Avi, business isn’t just business. He feels that customer satisfaction, health and life are all equally important responsibilities that he must care for so that he can maintain a truly meaningful relationship with them.

Avi answered some questions about Affordable Assets and how he runs the business.

What motivated you to start your eBay store?

I’d always wanted to start a store on eBay ever since I found out the site existed. I’ve always had a commercial mindset and I consider marketing a hobby of mineso I felt eBay was an exciting opportunity for me to start something successful. It’s paid off so far!

How do you go about selecting the products you sell?

It’s generally a mix of items that I have selected personally and items that I’ve seen market demand for. I try to think logically about the kind of audience that’s browsing my store and what kind of things they’d be most interested in buying.

I want people to see something on my store, buy it and feel satisfied when it finally arrives at their door. This is why I’m careful when selecting new products so I can make sure I’m only supplying my customers with the highest quality.

What is your approach to running your business?

I’m very much a people person and I’m obsessed with making sure all of my customers are satisfied with their interaction with my store. This is why I’ve placed such an emphasis on ensuring that the highest possible level of client satisfaction is achieved with every transaction.

The goal of the business has always been to promote a healthy, meaningful, fun and happy life for all customers.

What do you believe has been the biggest factor in your success so far?

I would say the biggest factor has been my determination to stick with the business and believe in it, even when things are extremely difficult. When I knew something needed to be done I did it instead of settling for an inferior solution. I think my commitment to quality has been noticed by my customers and this is clear in the positive feedback my store has received.

How are you planning to expand the store?

I really want to create a store that is built for and by my customers. I encourage everyone to reach out to the store and tell us what they would like to see us selling.

In the future I plan to add a customer give-back program that would work to reward loyal customers with special offers and discounts. I also want to give back to the world by setting up a form of ‘feel good’ shopping where businesses can help contribute to causes that are important to my customer base.

What advice would you give someone else starting their own eBay store?

Start small and make sure you get into a rhythm of successfully completing orders every week. Get used to the process of running the store before you expand and try to do too much at once.

And above all; always treat your customers with respect. The minute you start valuing your customers less, the less value they are going to bring to you.

Thank you Avi for your time!

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