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Attorney Grace Okorie-Eric discusses Immigration and Real Estate law

Grace Okorie-Eric is the principal attorney at the Law Office of Grace Okorie-Eric. She is an established and well-respected  lawyer in Chicago, Illinois who has been practicing law for almost a decade. Her firm operates across several different legal areas with a main focus in Immigration Law and Real Estate transactions. They also provide legal counsel in Landlord Tenant law and Personal Injury cases. All prospective clients receive a free initial consultation, regardless of the complexity of the matter.

Grace was able to answer a few of our questions about her firm, specifically focusing on how they help clients with immigration law and real estate processes.

Grace, when did you start Okorie-Eric Law Group and where did you work before starting the practice?

Answer:  I started my practice in 2014. Upon my admission to the Bar as an Attorney, I was awarded a fellowship as a Staff Attorney with the UIC John Marshall Law School Fair Housing Legal Clinic in Chicago, IL. Next, I worked as a Contract Case Processing Analyst with the U.S. Department of Labour and other mid-size to large law firms before starting my practice.

What was the reason for specializing in Immigration law?

Answer:  I was drawn to immigration law not only because of my background (as an immigrant born and raised in Nigeria), but also because one of the primary reasons I wanted to become a lawyer was to help people and make a difference.  As an immigration lawyer, a successful outcome on one case not only has a life-changing impact on my client(s) and his/her immediate family’s lives but also impacts their generations to come.

Within immigration law, what type of services do you typically provide your clients?

Answer:  We focus primarily on family and employment immigration petitions/cases. The range of services we provide are broad. They include but are not limited to: immigrant and non-immigrant visa petitions for families, employers, and investors; obtaining work authorization and travel documents; change or adjustment of immigration statuses, extension of status, obtaining U.S citizenship and deportation defense in immigration court.

How do you help clients (particularly new immigrants) who may lack the financial capacity to pay their fees upfront or on-time?

Answer: I understand first-hand the financial constraints that most immigrants are faced with because my family experienced this when we relocated to the United States. As a result of this, we work with our clients and offer payment plans suitable for their financial state.

When it comes to real estate law what services do you offer?

Answer: In our real estate practice, we represent individuals, investors and commercial clients in the purchase/acquisition and sale of their homes or properties.

How do you differentiate your legal counsel from other lawyers and why should people want you to represent them?

Answer:  We fight for our clients. When we take a case, we are detailed and we work hard to secure the best possible outcome for our clients.

Do you expect the legal landscape to change significantly over the next few years, regarding immigration and/or real estate law?

Answer: Yes. I believe there will be significant changes in these two areas over the next few years.  The laws surrounding immigration most especially, are constantly evolving. This is why we believe that it is very important to have an experienced lawyer representing you in these matters.