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Ask Chef Dennis – A Culinary Journey: Exploring Fusion Flavors, Signature Creations, and Cooking Wisdom with Chef Dennis Littley

In this exclusive interview with Chef Dennis Littley from Ask Chef Dennis, we delve into his culinary background, passion for cooking, and the inspiration behind his popular blog. Chef Dennis shares valuable advice for aspiring cooks, his approach to creating unique flavor combinations, and the impact of travel on his cooking style. He also discusses his signature creation, the influence of dietary restrictions on his recipes, and exciting future plans in the culinary world.

Chef Dennis, can you tell us a bit about your culinary background and how you developed your passion for cooking?

At a young age I realized cooking meant I got to eat, and I loved to eat! My mother worked nights and would sleep through the day. Instead of waking her up, I started to experiment in the kitchen cooking  with ingredients from our garden and what we had on hand in the pantry. I think that was one of the most valuable lessons for me. Learning to create dishes with what you had on hand.

As I got older, the inspiration to become a chef came from a TV show called the Galloping Gourmet. It starred Graham Kerr, and he was just too amazing for words and you could see how much he loved cooking.  And I think those seeds got planted in my brain, and although it took another 15 years for me to become a chef, I think I always knew that’s where I belonged.

Your blog, “Ask Chef Dennis,” has gained a significant following. What inspired you to start sharing your recipes and expertise online?

I started my blog as a resource for my culinary students, and it evolved into what it is today.  When I began blogging seriously, I decided to make my mission, teaching others how to cook for the friends and family.  I wanted people to see how easy it was to create delicious restaurant quality dishes in their own kitchen. With simple techniques and the right ingredients anyone can cook like a chef.

I want people to experience the joy of cooking in their home kitchens. Food is a magical thing and learning to cook with ingredients you enjoy eating is the key to enjoy your time in the kitchen.

As an experienced chef, what advice would you give to aspiring cooks who are just starting their culinary journey?

I would tell aspiring chefs to learn as much as they can about cooking.  To watch others, cook different cuisines and see the many different techniques and styles of cooking.  This can be done by apprenticing to restaurant in your area, or getting an entry level job in a professional kitchen. Let the chef know that you want to learn as much as possible so you can one day become a chef.

Culinary schools are also a great way to learn, but practical experience will help you use the skills you learn at school.  To become successful you need both experiences, to shape you into a knowledgeable professional chef.

And be passionate about food. Love the experience and share it with everyone you can.

Your recipes often feature a fusion of flavors from different cuisines. How do you approach creating these unique and delicious combinations?

Early in my career, I had a mentor that helped understand my gifts in the kitchen.  She told me to listen to the food and it would tell me what it needed.  This has helped with my fusion style of cooking. A dish will speak to me and I seem to know what other ingredients will make a culinary delight.

I’m able to do this because I truly enjoy trying different cuisines and experiencing different cooking styles and the flavors that come from those dishes.  This helps me incorporate other ingredients into the dishes I create.

What is one dish or recipe that you consider your signature creation, and why?

The dish that really kickstarted my career as a blogger is Tiramisu.  I am known around the world for this dish and have gotten letters from readers from every corner of the globe thanking me for this delicious Italian dessert.  My first trip to Italy in 1999 sparked my love for this classic Italian dessert, which led me to create the recipe that is on my website.

My training started in Italian cuisine, and I still lean towards Italian style cooking.  But over the years I’ve learned to adjust my style of cooking based on the experiences I’ve had, eating around the world.

Travel is a significant source of inspiration for many chefs. How has your travel experiences influenced your cooking style and recipe development?

Traveling around the globe has been a dream come true for me. Getting to experience foods from other countries as they were meant to be prepared.  Seeing how dishes are actually prepared as to what we get served in restaurants in America was a real eye opener and has greatly affected how I cook.

Being a chef has really opened doors for me on my travels. I’ve been in kitchens all the over the world, spending time with the chefs in those kitchens, gaining first-hand knowledge on techniques and the ingredients they use.

With the rise of dietary restrictions and preferences, such as gluten-free or vegan diets, how do you adapt your recipes to cater to these needs without compromising on flavor?

I do very little specialized recipes for dietary restrictions, that’s just not my specialty and there are many very talented bloggers that can help with recipes for dietary restrictions.

Many of my recipes are easily adaptable to gluten-free, and other recipes are naturally low carb, or low fat.  But I don’t write recipes specifically for those types of diets.

Your blog also covers a range of cooking tips and techniques. Can you share one of your favorite cooking hacks or secrets with our readers?

I have never been much of a grill enthusiast; I love to eat grilled foods but never had a passion for cooking on grills.  One of the best hacks I’ve developed is how to make delicious, barbecued meats in the oven.  I have amazing recipes for baby back ribs, pulled pork and beef brisket, that will rival many grilled or smoked recipes.

I also have some amazing slow cooker recipes for those dishes.  You don’t have to be a grill master to enjoy good barbecue.

Looking ahead, what are your future plans and goals in the culinary world? Are there any exciting projects or collaborations that you’re currently working on?

I’m happy to announce my son Ryan will be joining me at and will bring his expertise of smoking and grilling meats and seafood to my blog.  He is also a wine and beer enthusiast, so we will be expanding our offering to include cocktails as well as beer and wine pairings for all the dishes on my blog.

Chef Dennis Littley, the founder of Ask Chef Dennis, shares insights into his culinary journey, passion for cooking, and the inspiration behind his popular blog. He emphasizes the joy of cooking, teaches others to create restaurant-quality dishes, and offers valuable advice for aspiring cooks. With a fusion cooking style influenced by travel experiences, a signature creation in Tiramisu, and exciting future plans, Chef Dennis continues to inspire and delight food enthusiasts worldwide.

You can follow up with Chef Dennis Littley at, Facebook @AskChefDennis and Instagram @askchefdennis