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Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem reflects on her life and business, Anydos

Annastasia Onyinyechukwuka Oraegbunem has had a rather eventful life and career. She owns a music school, has published two children’s books, and operates her own business called Anydos. Anydos provides everything a music student could want and need, whether it be new instruments, personalized music lessons, repairs/tuning, and even filming music videos. Annastasia’s philosophy has always been about encouraging her students to become the best musicians they can be, which revolves around finding the best instruments and having the best education.

Annastasia was able to answer some questions we had about Anydos and her early life.

Hi Annastasia, when and why did you start Anydos?

After my secondary school in 2004, I began searching for an alias to use because my name is long. I coined the word Anydos from my maiden names. When I recorded my first song in the studio in 2009, I used the artist name Anydos. From that time, I have been looking for an opportunity to combine education and entertainment. I have a passion for singing, and since I entered a career path in education. I planned to establish a business with the brand name Anydos.

When I moved to Canada for better opportunities, I register Anydos as a record label and e-commerce company to support prospective and enthusiastic music students in 2016. Anydos team guides students to buy the right musical instruments and connect them to the best music instructors.

Did you have any background in music before deciding to start your music store?

I started my music store because I perceive music as a great passion. I may not have heard any prior experience in the music business, but I accomplished a lot with love and hard work.

However, My father used to work with his elder brother who owned a record label business, but I never learned anything about music from my father nor from his brother except the when I convinced my father to connect me with his friend to record my song (Nne Oma) in the studio.

I think I had the natural talent for music, and my prior education in leadership and policy helped me operate my music school and store.

What type of instruments does your music store sell?

Anydos specialize in strings and piano musical instruments; however, my team and I accept custom orders, not in the lists of ukulele, violin, guitar, harp, guqin, and pipa. For example, Anydos carry sitar, table, harmonium, and other classical musical instruments.

Anydos music store also offers recording studio and music lessons. My team and I will be expanding to a Faith and Family TV channel that will broadcast through Roku TV, Amazon Fire TV, and other platforms not yet approved.

Anydos will be an engaging audience with Music lessons, Records on edutainment videos, and Filming, such as movies, events, or shows.

How do you ensure your students’ connections to the best teachers available?

I am an educational administrator, I assess and screen any music teachers before recommending parents and students to learn with the teacher.

Through the assessment I established for Anydos music teachers, I identify the competent and compassionate person that will represent Anydos while maintaining our reputation.

Also, I listen to my students and try to accommodate their needs. Sometimes when the students need are more significant than what Anydos offer, God intervenes on our behalf.

What are you currently studying at university, and how has it helped with your career?

I am currently in my doctorate study for (Ph.D.) in Higher Education Leadership and Administration. My research in educational leadership is helpful because I have implemented the knowledge I learned in my role as a leader. For example, I know how to enable my teachers to act on my behalf while working on other areas to grow my business.

I learned to promote innovation in teaching while organizing, investigating, and resolving complex issues through the trained skill of policy procedures and implementation as an educational administrator, entrepreneur, and author.

How did any setbacks in your early life compel you to strive for excellence and success?

I thank God for my experience because I now know the reasons for me to encounter setbacks. All my setbacks were learning platforms to prepare me for greater success. I do not and will not regret any delay that I had met in life.

Knowing God and asking for him help matters more than any setback that people may inflict on you. I just realized that all my delays were God’s way of leading me to my success story. If people disappointed me, God did not want then to take His glory, which is why they acted as such. If God is for me, no one can be against us (Romans 8:31).

Whenever I hear that things are impossible, I get the zeal to find possible solutions by working with God. I try as much as I could to ask for sufficient grace to prove people wrong. “With man, things are impossible, but with God, all things are possible.” (Matthew 19:26; New International Version (NIV)). I see my disappointments as blessings in disguise because I am special, and only special favors from God come to those who trust in Him.

Ask God for help when you feel disappointed, and later in life, you will discover that if you had followed that path, you could destroy your effort in life.

What are your future goals for Anydos, and how do you hope to achieve them?

I plan to expand anydos into a faith and family TV channel. I want to use this platform to glorify God and reach out to people who are ignorant of God’s mercy and graces.

I hope to work with God for guidance, and I put an action in my faith by researching the best approaches to achieve my goals for Anydos. I watch and review other companies like mine to learn from their success stories and mistakes to overlook.

By the grace of God, I intend to collaborate with any university as a professor when I complete my P.h.D.

Thank you Annastasia for your time!
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