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An interview with industry leader Cool Solutions Manufacturing Inc.

Cool Solutions Manufacturing Inc. are cold storage experts – a family-owned business that has served the U.S. for more than 40 years. When a company needs a walk-in cool room or a refrigerator for their grocery store, this is the team they call.

They fabricate and install a range of quality controlled products which exceed EISA requirements and are UL and NSF certified. They also offer parts & accessories as well as custom-made doors and replacements.

We spoke to Darlene Totah from Cool Solutions Manufacturing Inc. to find out more about the thriving business.

How did Cool Solutions Manufacturing, Inc come about?

While operating his own construction company for many years, Kamel purchased many walk in coolers and freezers from various sources and installed them for his customers. Always unsatisfied with the quality of the product he was purchasing, decided to try making some panels for his own projects. Customers were happy with his product and word of mouth brought in the demand for his walk in coolers and freezers. His attention to detail and superior quality in fabricating these panels in addition to his personal touch and service for his customers created a demand for what is now known as Cool Solutions.

What are your most popular services?

It really varies depending on the industry we’re serving. We work for a huge range of industries like supermarkets, restaurants, food processing facilities, florists, breweries and even mortuaries! This means every day is different. But examples of what we often perform include constructing and installing walk-in cool rooms for restaurants and freezers and fridges for supermarkets.

We also offer other services like sliding and high speed doors, as well as accessories like thermometers and LED lighting. But really, if you want it, we can most likely get it for you!

What was behind the desire to start up this company?

I think for us it came from noticing a gap in the market and wanting to fill it. Forty years ago cold storage was much more expensive (adjusting for inflation) and custom designed solutions just weren’t really of a high standard. We wanted to offer businesses the opportunity to get the refrigeration system they really want and need, rather than being stuck with whatever they could get. And it worked! We’ve been doing well as a business since we started up.

What makes Cool Solutions Manufacturing Inc. special?

I believe it’s our thorough, custom-made design solutions and outstanding customer service. We really take the time to ensure our clients are completely educated on what to expect throughout the process, and guide them every step of the way – from figuring out a design that meets their goals and budget to the final testing.

We’re also highly experienced, having worked in this field for more than four decades, so that makes us more efficient and effective than many of the other companies out there. And we make sure to test our products in the warehouse to ensure quality and excellence.

What advice would you give to people looking to found their own manufacturing company?

To really go for it! This is a great industry that can be highly financially rewarding if done well. The key is to educate yourself before you start, and to befriend people that are already in the field – you can learn so much valuable information from mentors. And also try to bring your unique strengths into your work to make it your own.


Thanks Darlene for taking the time to answer our questions. For those interested in cold storage, visit their website to find out more about their products and services.