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An interview with Felix Benitez from Benitez Pressure Washing, expert roof cleaners

When it comes to keeping your roof or driveway clean, there’s no better solution than going chemical free – which is where Benitez Pressure Washing steps in.

Providing both low and high pressure cleaning services across the whole South West Florida region, they are a great choice for anyone looking to keep their property mould-free and looking its best.

We had the chance to chat with Felix Benitez from Benitez Pressure Washing to find out more about this experienced company and what goes on behind the scenes.

What are your most popular services?

We frequently perform pressure cleaning work for both large commercial businesses and small, private homes, and the most commonly requested service is high pressure cleaning. While roof cleaning is probably our most popular service, we also frequently clean pools, walls, patios, gutters, sidewalks and driveways, too. And we offer inspection services to assess for damage or mould.

What are the benefits of using Benitez Pressure Washing?

Asides from a property that is clean, mould-free and looks brand new? Well, unlike many smaller businesses, Benitez Pressure Washing works with top of the line, professional machinery and equipment. Our commercial grade cleaning solutions are incredibly powerful – we use HydroJet, which uses both water and steam to completely remove grime, oils and mould from surfaces. Our work proves that you don’t need to use chemicals to get excellent results. This makes us better for the environment and your health.

However, we do offer chemical solutions for those who request it. Our professional soft wash equipment is ideal for those looking for an effective low pressure solution to their cleaning needs. This is most often used when cleaning asphalt, as it prevents damage from occurring.

What inspired the founding of the company?

Besides a desire for independence – working for yourself can be highly rewarding – the company was founded on the belief that we should respect our homes and workplaces by taking care of them just as we do ourselves. Appearances aren’t everything, but they are very important; making sure your property is clean, tidy and healthy is vital for maintaining a happy home or business.

Would you recommend roof cleaning as a career choice?

Absolutely! Working in this industry is really great if you’re the kind of person who loves keeping busy and staying on their feet. While you do have to drive a bit to get to the property you’ll be working on, the actual cleaning work is great exercise. And it’s social enough, too. While you’re not constantly speaking to customers like you are in a sales position, you’re often working with a teammate or chatting to clients. It’s a great balance of social and independent work.


So whether you want to keep your office block looking schmick or simply keep your home safe and free of mould, Benitez Pressure Washing is the team for you. Professional, experienced and affordable, they are the trusted choice for making your property look its best.