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Max Murrey, Fastco Inc.

An interview with Fastco Inc., industry leaders in fastener distribution

Fastco Inc. has been in the U.S. fastener distribution industry for more than 50 years, and has a reputation for its large inventory, experienced staff and exceptional customer service. In a world where relationships ate key, this is a brand that knows how to thrive.

Shipbuilders, steel fabricators and lumber mill companies across the Pacific Northwest have been relying on Fastco Inc.’s supplies for decades, and they continue to impress.

We had the opportunity to speak to Max Murrey from Fastco Inc. to learn more about what makes the business so successful.

What is your role at Fastco Inc.?

So I’m a bookkeeper, which means I’m essentially responsible for taking care of accounts and transactions. I oversee costs and income, financial statements, reports, payroll, bank deposits – you get the picture. I work with a lot of numbers! The kind of work I do isn’t for everyone, but I really enjoy it. I’ve always been a really organized person, and my job lets me play to this – I’m constantly organising things! We have a large client base, so I’m constantly busy, but I like it that way.

What makes Fastco Inc. unique?

Fastco Inc. is quite special in that it’s not just a fastening supply company. We cover everything from in-house manufacturing to technical support, and there’s quite an emphasis on customer service. Our staff have around 25+ years’ experience in the industry per person, which is impressive. Compared to other companies, we not only serve a huge region across the Pacific Northwest, but have a larger range of products – and we can make to order our clients’ requests. And our prices are very reasonable.

What are you seeing the greatest demand for at the moment?

Product demand hasn’t really changed much over the years, to be honest. We’re starting to see more structural steel fasteners and wedge anchors  move a bit more but I think stainless steel nuts and bolts will continue to be in high demand in the hardware business for the foreseeable future.

What products do you love recommending to clients?

I always recommend that people invest in a quality storage kit for their fasteners. It’s no good having loose bolts lying all over the place – not only does it make a mess and pose a safety hazard, but it’s likely that you’ll lose some – and in turn, your assets. Bin kits and cabinets are great for larger companies whereas I like to recommend metal drawers for small businesses; they’re much easier to carry around.

What are the best parts of your job?

Besides keeping all our finances in order (again, I’m a bit of a neat freak!), I love the team environment here. We treat each other like family – we’re always looking out for each other. And we love injecting a bit of fun into our workdays, too.


A big thanks to Max for sharing his insights with us. To learn more about how Fastco Inc. can support your business, visit their website. They provide a large range of products as well as reliable customer service.