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An Interview with Anderson Lawrence from AML Passport & Visa

Meet, AML Passport & Visa Service, a New York-based company committed to helping American citizens get their documents quickly and on time. Whether you need to renew a passport or replace a lost one, they can help.

Dealing with such matters yourself can take weeks, even months, to get resolved. AML allows you to get everything sorted in a matter of days, making them incredibly convenient.

We spoke to Anderson Lawrence from AML Passport & Visa Services to get an insight into the business and the benefits it offers consumers.

Mr Anderson, how quickly can AML process a visa application?

Answer: We can process travel visas to most countries in 3 business days. If you do it yourself, most countries take a week or two to process your visa application. But since AML is registered with most consulates & foreign embassies, we can do it faster. We do the leg work of pre-checking your application to correct any mistakes and if you need it urgently we can prioritize it ahead of other applications for faster results.

How long does it normally take to get a passport?

Answer: In normal cases – as in, applying at the post office for a new passport or passport renewal, it takes 4-6 weeks, or 2-3 weeks expedited. This is assuming there were no errors on the application and the government doesn’t request any additional information. So we are much faster by comparison.

Do you help with children’s passports as well, or just adults?

Answer: Yes, we help both children and adult passports. You can apply for children’s passport expediting services in much the same way as adult services.

Is there a difference in how fast you can process new passports compared to passport renewals?

Answer: There is no difference; we process new passports and passport renewals at the same speed. We offer three levels of expediting – same day (24 hour) for emergencies, 2 business days, and 3-5 business days. As soon as we receive your documents we will start the expediting process. If the government requests any extra information, we’ll let you know promptly.

What documents do people need to bring you to get their passport organized?

Answer: Proof of U.S. citizenship, whether it’s a birth certificate or naturalization certificate. They will also need to provide proof of identification, such as state ID or a driver’s license. A passport sized photo and a name change document or marriage certificate may also be required depending if there name is different for there  State I.D and Driver License.

How easy is it to amend a current passport (for example changing the name or adding pages)?

Answer: Getting your name changed on your passport is very simple. All you have to do is provide your current or expired passport along with a new passport sized photo, your name change document issued by the court or your marriage certificate issued by the state. Religious marriage certificates are not acceptable for a name change. Also, in 2010 the government stopped issuing additional pages for passports. You will have to apply for a renewal of a passport and request 52 pages.

Do you expedite US visas or visas required for overseas travel?

Answer: No, we don’t. Anyone wishing to come into the United States have to apply at their nearest immigration centre. If you are a U.S citizen or resident (green card holder) and you need a visa for another country, we can help get your travel visa expedited, as long as you have the correct documentation for your visit.

What documents are usually required for a visa?

Answer: To get a travel visa to any country you will need your passport, or have proof of status in the U.S such as a green card or foreign passport. You may also require a passport sized photo, flight itinerary and hotel reservation, or a company letter and invitation letter from your host in that country and a bank statement to show you can take care of yourself financially.


Between lengthy waiting periods, additional government requests and other bureaucratic issues, it’s no surprise that many people find organizing passports and visas frustrating. You just want to go on holidays, get your work trip over and done with or visit family – you don’t want to have to deal with dramas!

Thankfully, the process of expediting your passport or visa is made simple with AML, and their comprehensive list of services including same day delivery make them truly outstanding. To find out more, visit their website or get in touch for a free consultation.

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