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Photo: Ali Lijee

Ali Lijee from myWindshield talks about his vehicle glass fitting and repair service

Ali Lijee is the owner of myWindshield, a vehicle glass repair and replacement company with car, van, SUV and truck technicians operating all around the United States. The company provides a high quality of service that is both live and comprehensive.

Ali answered some questions about his business.

Ali, what exactly is myWindshield and why did you start the company

myWindshield is an online network of local, professional ‘independent’ auto glass fitters and repairers. Our members are located at drive-in repair centers and operate call-out mobile services, all across the US. I started the network after having personally experienced poor service from a big national in 2011.

I realized that big companies just couldn’t offer the personalized service I wanted, and that smaller, independent auto glass technicians could provide just those services, and would get the job done properly, at the right price!

What would you say are the core services your independent auto glass technicians provide?

Years of experience, high skill levels and flexible pricing with a personalized local touch. Willingness to interact with the customer, and the ability to offer high-quality, practical and honest advice. Our members offer a ‘repair first’ approach, rather than going straight away for a costly (and less environmentally friendly) glass replacement wherever possible.

In fact, we insist that the technicians featured on myWindshield must hold more than just a high level of skill in automotive glass services. They must be 100% committed to excellence, customer care, and professionalism at all times.

What do you think are the best aspects of your model for customers?

Our network offers access to a choice of technicians, who are all locally-based and able to flex their services to match the needs of their customers. Because there is a local choice available, customers can opt for the level of service (same day if urgent, next day if less so) that they really need, and at a competitive price.

Our members take customer care and professionalism very seriously – after all, the business owner will be meeting the customer face to face, and that is a great driver towards getting it right every time.

How do you think your service helps independent auto glass businesses?

Many of our members are small businesses, which means they will have limited advertising and marketing budgets compared to the big nationals. We give them a platform from which to share their skills and services with the widest possible audience at a very modest cost.

Where the small business wins out over on the big nationals is that each operation will have had many years of hands-on experience in the industry. They will have acquired and developed the skills to provide a much better service, every single time, and we give them a chance to display their talents on a wider stage than they would otherwise be able to access.

Do you think there is a real problem with the quality of services provided by the big, established names in the industry?

Yes, I believe that most of the auto glass technicians working for the big nationals have set targets to meet, and a set number of jobs to carry out per day in order to achieve their pay (and perhaps their bonuses).

Being target and bonus-driven can result in shortcuts and compromises being made in the quality of the work produced.

I also believe that many of the auto glass technicians who have acquired high levels of skill and experience in repairing and replacing vehicle glass, eventually tend to decide to go it alone.

This level of churn can result in a shortage of skilled labor within the big names, and that’s probably one of the reasons why some of them struggle to commit to completing vehicle glass repairs and replacements on the same day, or even the next day.

Where do you see myWindshield in the next few years?

We will become the go-to place for quality same day or next day automotive glass services, at affordable prices, combined with excellent personalized customer care.

Thank you Ali for your time!
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