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Alexi Alizadeh, the founder of Adviise

Alexi Alizadeh discusses Adviise and how it improves patient care

Alexi Alizadeh is the founder of Adviise, a business that assists patients with finding affordably, quality care in their local area. Users can search via specialty, provider or even condition, and instantly receive information regarding local providers. By connecting patients with medical professionals, Adviise is breaking down logistical barriers between patient care and the reliable delivery of medical services.

Alexi was able to answer several of our questions.

Alexi, can you tell us a bit about your background?

I grew up in Dubai, in the United Arab Emirates. In my opinion, Dubai’s journey from the 1990s to today can be likened to the rise of a successful startup, from anonymity to distinction. I believe a lot of my ideas come from watching the city change and realising that truly anything is possible.

What was the primary motivation underpinning the establishment of Adviise?

I have been a frustrated consumer, like many others. There are many issues related to this industry, however, these issues can be solved. Why are there so many barriers to entry? Why was it made worse by The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act, which fought to change it? I don’t believe any industry is doomed. I believe there is always a way to bring people’s ideas together to fix something. Anything can be fixed. And that is why we are here.

What are some of the types of business you work with at Adviise?

Healthcare has become far more difficult for the providers of medical services. Indeed, this can be largely attributed to widespread regulatory changes that have occurred over the last decade. Such changes have seen provider compensation fall massively, despite the fact that their overhead costs have remained reasonably stable during this time. Many providers and doctors cannot survive in this kind of system. We work with providers and practices of all sizes around the country to ensure that medical providers can manage their overheads while providing the best quality care to consumers.

How does Adviise work – from the customer and providers perspectives?

Our solutions are greatly beneficial to providers for several reasons. Firstly, our portal significantly minimizes administrative and logistical costs, particularly when it comes to scheduling and resource mapping. Because of this, our solutions allow for enhanced acquisition and retention for the provider and, ultimately, stronger patient outcomes.

We give providers access to a huge patient base, providing them with a platform to communicate their hours, cost structures and basic service information. Providers can easily create an Adviise profile, distinguished by the multi-tiered patient review portal. Our portal will allow physicians to begin confirming appointments, distributing automated SMS or text messages, along with email reminders to patients. Our portal also collects feedbacks, which ensures that patients can appropriately and constructively appraise their doctors, while doctors can remind patients of their appointments and effectively plan for upcoming engagements.

In your experiences, what is the most common mistake made by customers when searching or choosing a provider?

It’s not so much that the customer makes a mistake, it’s more so the fact that their capacity to search for providers is quite limited. Indeed, this is because there is no centralised place to search for providers. Consequently, most patients have to do it the long way around, which involves checking their insurance company’s website and checking for provider names. However, even if you go to your insurance company’s website, they don’t have a full list, and it isn’t usually current or up to date.

What are your future plans for Adviise and how will you hope to achieve them?

As our userbase grows, we have plans in place to ensure that Adviise can begin phasing in new services. We will soon be able to provide HIPAA-compliant telemedicine appointments, which launch May 1st, 2020. On top of this, we will be able to assist with payment collection, standardised digital registration forms, and secure and automated portal for fulfilling medical record requests.

Thank you Alexi for your time!
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