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Alex Smith of USA Boxing Online will ‘knockout’ the competition with superior DHL delivery

Combat sports like traditional boxing, Muay Thai and MMA are all very physically demanding and involve high-powered kicks and punches. In order to ensure the safety of enthusiasts and professionals, regulated standards for padded gloves and other accessories have led to the creation of a thriving industry that sells boxing gear/accessories/supplies.

Alex Smith is the founder and owner of USA Boxing Online, a website that supplies gloves, clothing, punching bags + much more for use in sports like MMA and Muay Thai. Despite his busy schedule, Alex was able to take some time to answer a few questions about his business.

How did you start in the industry of boxing supplies?

Because of my background with combat sports training, I already had the knowledge and experience to know what I would want from a company if I were a customer. This inspired me to create a no-nonsense online store that delivers high quality products with reliably delivery and customer support. You can’t ask for much more than that.

What kind of products do you sell on your website?

We have everything anyone starting their interest or career in Muay Thai, MMA, traditional boxing, or another compatible combat sport. We supply top-quality Fairtex products including gloves, kicking shields and heavy bags + much more.

Ankle guards, armbands, gym bags, casual wear, hand wraps, jump ropes, key chains, MMA apparel, mouth guards, sweat suits + all manner of other accessories are valuable for purchase with fast DHL delivery.

We have a wide array of heavy bags designed for different approaches to punching, with bag shapes ranging from bowling pins to teardrops. This variety enables customers to select something at suits their specific form of training or specific combat sport they are pursuing.

You mentioned faster delivery with DHL – why is that?

DHL is a well-known international logistics company that we have partnered with for the delivery of our products. The main benefit of DHL is that it enables a customer in Australia or the US to order products from authentic Thai manufacturers and get deliver within 5 days (usually less than 2 days).

The DHL system has made everything about order fulfilment much more streamlined and simpler for our shipping team. Now we can package and mark parcels in record time, meaning that we minimise the time that the product sits idle after you’ve paid for it already.

What is there in the future for USA Boxing Online?

Adding more products and increasing our staff numbers so we can fulfil an increased demand in 2020. We hope to provide more variety in new brands for accessories, particularly with Muay Thai shorts and gloves where custom decals and ‘the look’ of the gear is just as important as its performance/durability.

Thanks to Alex for answering our questions.