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Alex Circei discusses the value of their business, Waydev

Alex Circei is the co-founder of Waydev, a business that offers new, innovative ways of tracking engineers’ output. Waydev has been incredibly important in reducing annual engineering inefficiency, which equates to around $300 billion. In fact, almost 31.6% of efficiency loss is incurred by engineers every year across millions of businesses. Waydev is trusted by over 300 companies worldwide, including Glooko, Nowcom, and CARS24.

Alex answered several questions we posed about Waydev and the nature of the industry.

Alex, when did you start Waydev and did you have any experience in the business world before this?

I started Waydev 3 years ago, with the mission of helping engineering leaders gain better visibility, increase productivity, and improve velocity of their development team.

I started my first business in 2007, an online store built from scratch. Later, I started a software development agency and also developing my own products like Live2c, an eCommerce platform, StoreBeez, an eCommerce marketplace, an email marketing platform called Lupsale, and an invoicing app called BillMe.

With all this experience, at the end of 2016, when I looked at a graph from GitHub I realized that we don’t have an analytics tool for engineers’ work, and all my life I struggled to understand the output of the engineers, and then I started Waydev.

In simple terms, what does Waydev do to help businesses?

Waydev helps businesses increase the efficiency of their engineers. According to Stripe, engineering inefficiency is at 31.6%. For a company which employs 100 engineers, this translates into $2.93 million yearly loss. Waydev helps businesses increase the efficiency of their engineers by sourcing data from code, pull requests, and tickets. The sourced data is processed so that engineering leaders can gain concrete insights regarding issues and roadblocks.

Specifically, which type of businesses (or employees) would benefit the most from your core services?

Waydev is built for Engineering Managers, VPs of Engineering, and CTOs. Enterprise-level businesses benefit the most from Waydev. The field of activity of the business is irrelevant. We have customers from many different fields of activity, such as: SaaS, finance, healthcare, Ecommerce, and many more.  It’s important that an organization is familiar with Git before purchasing a Git Analytics tool.

What are the main differences between your “Pro” package and your “Premium” package? Which of the two is the more popular with your clients?

Two of the main differences between our Pro and our Premium packages are: three times longer data availability and three times more repositories for our Premium plan. The Premium plan also includes role-based access control, SSO login, API access, and a dedicated success manager. The Premium plan is more popular among enterprise-level businesses, while the Pro plan suits the needs of smaller businesses.

How can businesses use data to run more effective, meaningful virtual meetings?

Our Work Log feature provides a “map” of your engineers’ activity. In this remote work context, it’s particularly useful to see if your engineers work on weekends. This will help you understand if they are over capacity. The Review Workflow feature provides an overview of pull request activity. It helps you identify long-running pull requests, zoom into them and point out what is keeping them from being merged. The Sprints feature offers a high-level view of active sprints. It helps you visualize if your sprint is at risk. It identifies where team members could be over capacity and whether they are falling behind with work.

How has the ongoing coronavirus pandemic affected your business? What changes have you had to make to minimize disruptions?

The ongoing coronavirus pandemic acted like a stress test for Waydev. The team needed to adapt to the mandatory work-from-home policy, and they adapted very quickly. I am happy that the Waydev team and our beloved ones are safe. To support businesses during these uncertain times, we are offering an extended 30-day trial period, along with 24/7 support.

Thank you Alex for your time!
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