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Ahmad Fahad a Kuwait based 18 year old crypto entrepreneur a whizkid in Cryptocurrency field

Ahmad Fahad is from Kuwait and he loves to deal in digital currencies like bitcoin to make good money. With his exceptional skills and experience, he is able to win a good amount of benefits out of it.

There are many who approach him to advise them for investing money in the digital currency or cryptocurrency field. He says that Bitcoin remains very volatile. That means you need to make a strong strategy to go smooth in life. This is where he recommends having a strong and strict kind of strategy.

He counts on strategies like hedging which deals with opening strategies that help in reducing the risk of eradicating the current positions.

He recommends people to hold things in this field by opening up the short bitcoin that involves more about selling off the assets as per the current market price. If you are not able to buy the same thing at a lower cost, you end up getting a good profit difference.

This will help in making any loss to your original bitcoin that offers the offset by the profit that further helps in reducing the bitcoin trade.

The next big thing that you need to remember is to keep an eye over the trending market. Once you find consistency on the higher side or getting on the lower side, you need to choose a suitable time frame in getting into this.

This strategy can help in enjoying the best results. The key to success in this field to put more effort into it.