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Addiction and Burnout: Serial Entrepreneur Robert Zoppa Helps Medical Professionals Heal Through Coaching

Dr. Robert Zoppa knows whereof he coaches. The serial entrepreneur, medical doctor and former addict has been through it all. From an abusive childhood to success as a physician and entrepreneur, he’s learned lessons from each part of his journey. Now, he’s helping others fight burnout and addiction with his new Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy.

The doctor and successful businessman launched his career with a bang, having founded ‘7 Figure Medical Practices’, a program designed to assist physicians in scaling their practices to seven-figure bottom lines. He also heads the ‘Sellers in Motion Ltd. Closer Agency’, works as a freelance medical writer, is the Director of Business Development Canada for ‘Hawkeye MedTech’, and is a Managing Partner of ‘Limelight Media Canada’.

As the founder of Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy, the Winnipeg, Canada, native is on a mission to help other entrepreneurs and medical professionals recover from burnout and addiction, both of which he has personal experience and knows that both afflictions can be deeply and intimately intertwined. Additionally, he is trained and certified in sleep, stress, business and life coaching and is one of the most in-demand Canadian coaches, dedicated to helping his fellow professionals lead their best lives.  He has studied burnout extensively, especially in health care professionals, reading countless articles and books on the subject.

He is now uniquely qualified to recognize the signs, symptoms and causes of burnout and addiction. His coaching academy teaches others how to change their situations and be more successful, helping them to set meaningful intentions and start on better paths to transition to the lives they truly want.  He understands both the failings of the systems involved in Medicine, as well as the personal qualities that can predispose to burnout and addiction, and thus uses a multipronged approach in his coaching.

Graduates of his new coaching program proclaim feeling newly able to be their best selves, identify their priorities and surround themselves with positivity and the people that will help them reach their goals. It’s not easy work, to be sure, but giving back and helping others who are struggling as he was is deeply important to him.

Finding His Worth

Zoppa’s path began rocky before becoming paved with success. He grew up in an emotionally abusive environment and began working in a hospital as a way to earn money and gain independence from a family that believed he would not amount to much, let alone be a doctor.

He proved them wrong, and became an extremely successful and well-respected physician. He was a medical doctor for 14 years, a former family physician specializing in respiratory medicine, psychotherapy, dialysis, elderly care, weight loss and aesthetics.  When burnout overcame him, he did what many in his situation try to do – he attempted to soldier on.  Ultimately, this drew out the process of his burnout, and led him to addiction as well as other bad choices in his career and personal life.  Now, sixteen months after the loss of his medical license for those transgressions, Zoppa has put his intensive focus onto helping those in the same position he was in, and he is now a respected up and coming entrepreneur and helps others wanting to take the same path as well.

Having now been a professional success for many years, he knows that it is not always easy to see the big picture and maintain the right priorities. High stress, quick fixes, anger and anxiety often come along with the victories and can overwhelm medical professionals and other entrepreneurs. Their response is often career burnout, and sometimes substance addiction, as a way to relieve the stress.

Declaring His Mission

This is precisely why he launched his coaching academy, Recover & Thrive, which is dedicated to helping his fellow doctors and other entrepreneurs deal with stress in a healthier way. He realized that most professionals have no tools for dealing with – what can be – inevitable burnout and many feel stigmatized when admitting their feelings. He quickly realized that his own hard-won wisdom on the subject could be shared with others who need help. He then set out to make helping them his mission.

Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy acts as a safe space and refuge for anyone, at any stage, of personal or professional burnout. He even recommends his treatment program be used as a preventative measure, in a place where there is no shame, judgement or rejection.

A program based on what he would have wanted when he was at his lowest, the tenets are based on validation, listening and transparency. He is always happy to share his own personal anecdotes in hopes of helping other professionals see that they are not alone.

The Time is Now

As COVID-19 spread across the world, it brought many professionals’ burnout issues into sharp realizations. Some lost their jobs, closed their businesses or quickly had to learn how to pivot in a new world and stay viable. He realized that the time was right, and people needed help more than ever before. Many were suffering from mental health conditions that seemed minor pre-pandemic – such as anxiety and lack of motivation – but suddenly became major.

Sharing his techniques is helping him while also helping others. What he gets out of it is seeing his clients lead productive, successful lives free of burnout and addiction – which he considers his greatest success yet.

About Robert Zoppa

A former doctor, Robert Zoppa is a certified master sales closer and founder of Face2Face, 7 Figure Medical Practices, and the new Recover & Thrive Coaching Academy, which helps entrepreneurs and medical professionals recover from burnout and addiction. Visit his LinkedIn profile to learn more.  Also please visit his Instagram page @therobzoppa1