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A guide to the best lifestyle podcasts

Everyone needs a little nudge when it comes to making a lifestyle change. If you’re looking for some motivation or if you’re stuck in a rut about how to start that won’t be a problem. Listening to podcast shows are great for drawing inspiration from those who have learned to maneuver their way in life. With the casual and conversational tone, there’s no pressure at all. Here’s a guide to the best lifestyle podcasts that you need to listen to.

Achieve Your Goals
Host Hal Elrod offers effective action plans to get your inspiration and motivation moving. Together with his guests, Elrod offers sound advice to everyone on their journey toward personal development.

Good Life Project
This podcast offers stories that will inspire with conversations between influential guests. If you want to start living a purposeful life, the Good Life Project is a must-listen. You’ll be able to pick up a thing or two from renowned authors, researchers to lesser-known individuals.

Zero to Travel
This generation is all about traveling and experiencing life around the globe. Zero to Travel is the podcast for those who have serious wanderlust. Jason Moore — the podcast host — will guide you through everything you need to know about traveling.

Get Busy Living
In this podcast, host Benny Hsu talks about everything that might keep us from keeping our goals. Get Busy Living is what you should listen to if you’re having trouble trying to find motivation.

Extreme Productivity
If you want to take a cue from the most successful people in the world, Extreme Productivity has all the tips you’ll need. Kevin Kruse shares practical tips for managing time and increasing your productivity along with guests from varying backgrounds.