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3 reflective reasons to take a social media hiatus

Taking time off from social media isn’t just for celebrities who want to avoid the added publicity. It’s great for us average everyday folks who want to take some time to live in the moment. Put the phone down and step away from your devices for a while and see the difference it can make in your life. It’s easy to get caught up in the online world but here are 3 reflective reasons to take a step back from social media.

Encourages Real-Life Social Interaction

There’s a huge disconnect between people who rely on social media platforms for human interaction. Let go of the “likes” and actually give someone a compliment. Forget about hitting someone up on messenger and actually take the time to converse with them. There’s nothing like an actual human experience shared with a friend or even a stranger.

Lifts Some of the Pressure Off

Social media is a gallery of curated lives. We see endless travels, countless vacations, achievements, and even material possessions. And it makes us a little less sensitive to those who aren’t fortunate enough to live such luxurious lives. It can also pressure us to follow the crowd even if it’s not practical or if we don’t want to.

Keeps Us In Touch with Our Emotions

It’s easy to ignore feelings of guilt, sadness, loneliness and even joy when we’re all caught up on social media. These distractions make it hard for us to actually face our emotions as a true human experience. You need to feel these emotions to really get through it and become a stronger person in the end.