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4 encouraging journal prompts for self-discovery

As people, there are times when we live life in complete disarray. We tend to lose ourselves in this fast-paced world. Even when we’re living in a stable routine, it can be draining. Staying in touch with ourselves and knowing our passions help us live a more meaningful life beyond routine living. A great way to do so is to start journaling. Here are 4 encouraging journal prompts for self-discovery.

1. When you wake up, what’s the first thing you feel thankful for?
It’s hard to see what we are living for when our minds are clouded with negativity. But everyone has that one thing they value that drives them to do better. It could be your family, your career or your ambitions. Expound on this once you’ve identified it.

2. What is an effective way to approach adversity?
Everyone figures out their ways through difficulties. While certain coping mechanisms can make problems worse, each person has their own tried and true method to effectively handle adversity. What is yours?

3. Enumerate five things you want to do but haven’t done before and why.
Reflecting on the things that hold you back from doing something you desire helps you find a way to tackle them. From there, take small steps toward the things you wish you could do.

4. What does it mean to “own your narrative?”
This question makes you think about how you will take control of your life as a story. Will you let others write it for you? Or will you take charge and own your truth?