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A Good Mentor Makes It All Possible – Brandon Rangel

While it’s possible to make it on your own as an entrepreneur, a mentor can be a great asset on your journey. Mentors can reveal new opportunities that you didn’t know existed or compress decades of experience into a shorter period of time. Brandon Rangel’s mentor has done a lot to help him along the way, and his results show how helpful it is to have him.

Rangel started his career in trucking, but he soon realized he wanted more. He was interested in the foreign exchange market and e-commerce but wasn’t sure where to begin. That’s where his mentor came in. “My mentor was a Canadian millionaire who was very knowledgeable in the fields I wanted to pursue. That gave me a huge boost,” says Rangel. Eventually, he was able to sell a part of his trucking company and focus on his passion full-time. He traded on Amazon and kept working in Forex, all with the help of his mentor. “We have a close relationship. We don’t have to talk as much now that I don’t have to ask him questions all the time, but I know that he’s always there if I need him,” he adds.

Rangel recommends that most entrepreneurs should search for a mentor in their first year. “They don’t have to be a millionaire. Just find someone who’s more experienced in the industry than you and see if you can pick their brain. It does wonders,” he reveals. It was especially important for Rangel, as he went bankrupt at the age of 22. “I didn’t make a lot of good financial decisions. But I knew I could come back better than before and still start my own business,” he says. He built everything from the ground up, and today, you would never know about his setbacks.

If you’re interested in starting your journey as an entrepreneur, work hard to find a mentor. They can help you a lot along the way, just as Brandon Rangel has experienced.

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