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How the Younes Family is Storming Social Media With Their Relatable and Humorous Skits

Welcome to the Younes Family!

This American-based Lebanese family of five loves nothing more than making relatable comedy skits for families across the globe to enjoy. Whether it’s dealing with the everyday struggles of parenting, putting marriage under the microscope, or showcasing the craziness that comes with having a big family, the Younes Family believe that laughter is the best way to meet life’s daily challenges!

Husband and wife team, Ali and Zeze Younes, are the masterminds behind the scenes while their kids, Hussein, Cece, and Mousa, help bring the skits to life. With a passion for music producing and video editing, Ali carefully crafts each video with the whole family’s input to make sure that every skit is a bite-sized piece of entertainment that families can appreciate together.

Ali and his mini-me, Hussein, are always up for poking fun at everyday life, and are often featured front and centre in the Younes Family’s content with Zeze, Cece, and Mousa never far behind. Served up with a healthy dose of wit, the Younes Family’s comedy is sure to leave you laughing out loud, and getting lost in the moment as you chuckle along with their fun-filled antics.

Laughs Between Family Turned to Worldwide Entertainment

What started as group video shares intended strictly for family has developed into something that brings happiness to people across the world.

In October 2021, the Younes Family wanted to see if they were the only ones who found themselves laughing hysterically at home videos, and decided to post one of their comedy skits to TikTok. To their surprise, a TikTok video featuring Hussein and Mousa doing all the crazy things kids do to avoid going to bed went viral with over 10 million views! Since then, the Younes Family has regularly posted funny renditions of their daily life on TikTok, garnering a following of over 200,000 people who can’t wait to see what skit they’ll post next.

With a total of 22 million views on TikTok, their success led the Younes Family to expand their brand. Their Instagram page was launched in April 2022, and their video entitled, “Never ask your wife that one question,” went viral with over 7 million views! The Younes Family has been growing on social media ever since, with over 17 million Instagram views from raving fans who see a little piece of their family reflected in each skit.

The Younes Family Secret to Success

This family affair is all about finding the humor in everyday life and sharing it with the world. No matter what situation they’re in, the Younes Family always make sure to keep things light and fun. At their core, the family brand appeals to folks around the globe because they showcase what it’s like to live life as a regular family, making them relatable and lovable to people from all walks of life.

As they’ve grown forward, the Younes Family has been fortunate to collaborate on toy, electronics, and app campaigns that have helped their brand reach new heights. They only agree to collaborations if the products can benefit families like theirs, so fans can look forward to exciting product integrations that will make life a little bit easier and a lot more fun!

The Best is Yet to Come!

The Younes Family is continuing to produce hilarious skits, while working on developing their YouTube channel, which they’ll be updating regularly with brand new original content. Keep an eye out for this funny family of five, because they’re just getting started and there’s guaranteed to be a lot more laughter in store!

Want to join in the fun? Follow the Younes Family on Instagram (@theyounesfamily), TikTok (Younesfamily), and YouTube (Younes Family) for your daily dose of laughter.