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Photo: Yelena York. Credit: Karine Arakelyan

Yelena York: The Rise of an Exceptional Artist

A brilliant and talented visual artist nestled in the bustling city of New York, Yelena York has mastered the power of brushes, strokes, and paint. Her exquisite art has blossomed in the past ten years, attracting the praise of acclaimed art critics and collectors. Amazingly, York brought her first collection to life using only markers and 22 karat gold leaves on canvases. She is incredibly skilled at using markers, transforming their simple efficiency into awe-inspiring brushed paintings. This mastery has expectedly earned her recognition and multiple international awards.

When it comes to art and artists, York is a trailblazer. She invented her unique brand and niche by creating outstanding and intricately executed works of art called pointillism/stippling.

Here are some of stippling/pointillism works by Yelena York:

works by Yelena York

by Yelena York

The genius artist uses over 5 million ink dots on each piece of art to telegraph the ink’s realistic and vibrant color tones, hitherto overlooked or inconspicuous. She enhances the look by adding her self-invented layering paint patterns, transforming the art into a striking 3-dimensional piece. York is extremely detailed and meticulous and leaves the slightest room for errors and mistakes. Her work prioritizes and recognizes the importance of precision, and she takes no chances, least she’d start all over again from scratch. It is evident that Yelena is a perfectionist at heart. She radiates her flawless magical energy and form into each piece, leaving her spectators in awe and utter appreciation of the wonders of her art.

Of course, a rare talent as York’s is impossible to ignore. Thus, she has an impressive portfolio of exhibitions and private collectors to her name, not to mention several notable awards, including; Best Artist at the Oxford International Art Fair (2015), Dubai Best Artist Award (2018), MUSA International Venezia Art Biennale Award (2019), and UNESCO Woman’s Essence Show in Rome (2020). Also, she was nominated for the 2020 Shanghai International Art Fair.

Unraveling a New Style of Art

Ever the innovative artist Yelena has stormed the 2021 art scene with stunning creativity. Her new collection features artwork infused with only three colors. York’s novel concept incorporate more ” Feeling” and the ” Present Moment” than the “Physical.” In her words:

“The primary color is Red, for the blood that runs through our veins, and without it, we would not be humans.  The new series represents strength; they represent the Core Essence of us – to connect and to let ourselves BE.”-  Yelena York.

Yelena York

Work in Progress from Yorks Instagram Titled: Rebirthing in Silence. Extraordinary beauty with the following caption :

“My father buried me into the deep darkness, where my grandfather Osiris’s Blood has been mixed with the water below the earth. The Silence taught me the knowledge, and while I was in the darkness of truth, I had to live there as I was out of it. …until centuries later it was time to be Reborn.”

Making a Statement

Yelena York’s new body of works pays homage to herself, her audience, and all the layers in between. Using only three colors to create her breathtaking collection, she brought to life the depth of each color and the shades and emotions within. In her opinion, black and white bear the most layers. From times past and beyond, black and white have been our heaviest burden to carry, as more often than not, we get caught up in the shades in-between — where we can see it all yet find it difficult to choose between going pitch black or embrace the shining brightness. Knowing this fact in her heart of hearts, York knew the missing truth completed the puzzle. According to York, it is the blood that runs through our veins, without which we would be “energetic” and not “human.” So the color red is not only a primary color but a stark reminder.

A close look at Yelena’s collection reveals forms shrouded in a blur. The artist deliberately induces this contrast to draw attention away from the lines and to highlight feelings, emotions, and forgotten moments relegated to the back of our minds. Paintings call to mind the varying forms of strength. They represent our innate core, to connect and to let ourselves just BE.

Yelena York
Photo: Yelena York. Credit: Karine Arakelyan

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