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Why Now It’s Easier Than Ever To Start Your Own Law Firm As Told By Robert Simon

After practicing law for 15 years, founding partner of Simon Law Group and founder of Justice HQ, Attorney Robert Simon, shares his unique perspective on starting a law firm. Why? Because one of his passions is mentoring young attorneys. His specialty is scaling firms using the same resources, guidance, and technology that has helped him scale his.

The coronavirus pandemic changed the way people in general look at the legal industry. Before the pandemic, people weren’t really using technology in their firms, but now more and more attorneys realize just how big of an impact technology can have on their practice. You can run virtual meetings from anywhere. You can even do depositions at home from their computers,” says Simon.

Simon’s private practice, Simon Law Group, is no stranger to integrating technology into their firm. “We work from home whenever we can. We’ll show up in person at our office maybe once a week if there’s something we can only do in-person. We try to keep everything online. We’ve embraced modern technology in our practice. I believe that’s where the law industry is heading,” says Simon.

Simon’s belief about adopting technology into the legal industry is one driving factor behind creating Justice HQ. “Justice HQ is an exclusive membership program for lawyers that provides them with additional resources and support and provides them with a network to help them build and scale their firms. Justice HQ offers luxury physical (and virtual) office space for members to host meetings and consultations. We also provide a tech-based platform that’s home to important documents and mail. Essentially the goal is to help attorneys work, network, and scale on their own terms,” says Simon.

Networking, community, and connection is a core value at Justice HQ. “If you want to scale and reach your goals quickly, the first thing to do is surround yourself with like-minded individuals who can help you reach your personal and financial goals. All my friends are lawyers, and I believe it makes me a better lawyer. We’re always talking about ways to improve what we do and scale and the best ways to try cases and collect payment. Get involved and getting help is the key to success,” says Simon.

“Community and connection are huge. Knowing the right people can be the difference-maker for scaling your firm and reaching your goals. If you don’t specialize in certain cases, but you know someone who does, you can either co-counsel with them or share equity in the case. Either way, you can still benefit from it, the consumer benefits from it, and you’ve made a new connection,” says Simon.