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Why Nothing Will stop Fast-Rising R&B Star Romana Snijder

In just a few years, Romana Snijder has cemented her place in the global music scene. She is a two-time winner of the Best Female Performer Award and has recently been nominated as the Best Artist of The Year. Her song “Travelers” has gone on to set the bar higher, becoming one of the biggest hits in Europe and across the globe.

Romana’s unique sound, strong vocals, and impeccable voice set her apart in the industry. When creating her music, she says she is guided by her goal of providing her audience with timeless music and meaningful songs.

Born in the UK, Romana Snijder was partly raised in Nigeria. Her parents are Nigerians who moved to the UK searching for greener pastures. Growing up in both countries, Romana has had the opportunity to experience the different cultures, which she now incorporates in her music. She notes that even though most of her childhood was spent in the UK, she never felt like she was missing much as her parents really helped her learn about her Nigerian heritage. They were also very supportive of her ideas.

According to Romana, getting into the music industry was not her initial plan. Romana enjoyed dancing from a young age, and she enrolled in ballet classes, which she took until her final year of middle school. While she was good at ballet, Romana wanted to take a different path. She says she wanted something that was more freestyle and vibrant.

As she explored her options, she came across Afro dance, and it was through that she came to learn about and love music. Romana enjoyed listening to music by various artists, which inspired her to start writing her own songs. She says that she found a home and a way to connect with her emotions and interact with others in music.

When she started writing songs, it was sort of a diary, and she would scribble down her thoughts in a lyrical flow. Romana took part in her first-ever singing competition in high school, winning the Spark Talent Show. Romana continued making music, but it wasn’t until early 2018 that she had her breakthrough with her song “Travelers.”

Speaking about the inspiration behind the song, Romana notes music is one of the best forms of art that transcends all distances and can be used perfectly as a bridge. In writing the song, she says she wanted to show everyone that when we remove the barriers we have built between societies, we are all the same and shouldn’t let hate divide us. “Beyond our cultural differences, we are all one under the same sun,” says Romana. She adds that we are all travelers in this world, and the best way we can make our journey exciting and fulfilling is by walking together.

Some of her other songs include “Away,” “Essence,” and “Fall for Me.” Romana is also looking to release her second album, Woman of Steel, which will feature her top song of 2021, “Power.”

As she continues to thrive, Romana is redefining R&B and adding a touch of Afropop. With her new album, she says she’s aiming to show women that it’s possible to attain their goals, and they should never give up or let anyone step on them.