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Why Modern Artists Should Be Following The ‘Buttonz’ Ideal

There is a turbulent road to travel on if you are a modern artist looking to make an impact in a continuously changing world. For artist/entrepreneur/model BUTTONZ, it was simply a matter of diversifying and creating quality in all ventures.

This may sound broad in terms of applicable lessons to take from this article, but rest assured it will all lead to a satisfying end. Buttonz is the quintessential example of what to do when facing a competitive market and innumerable number of options to showcase your talent.

The triple threat has quite an impressive resume from the first glance – including being the face of a ‘Wahl Clippers’ campaign as a model, while also running two businesses simultaneously – oh, and not to mention he also has a very promising music career blossoming to boot.

He’s managed to keep so many balls in the air with a sense of dedication, hardworking acumen, and overall instinctual edge in knowing the direction the industry is heading.

The Clothing Brand

Running the growing apparel collection FRONTLINEPACKZ, was an exceptional smart move pre-pandemic – as eCommerce retailers began popping up more and more with their own designs and styles. The “420 friendly” line of apparel has a magnetic and colourful edge, with a sense of diverse style that could only come from Buttonz.

The Modeling Career

His modeling career is of equal measure in many respects as he brings a certain air of authenticity to his shoots and jobs. His versatility and appearance have certainly helped separate himself from the pack of cookie-cutter models that are becoming tiresome.

The Musical Artist

The third column in his foundational set of skills is in his musical pursuits. The Scholar spends most of his time in his creative endeavors – but is no stranger to the spotlight. Since his adolescence, BUTTONZ has been known to rock the stage from acting in plays such as Shakespeare’s “Othello” to performing in talent shows and school pep rallies.

As a businessman BUTTONZ believes that perfecting any talent or skill is dependent on deliverance. His upcoming EP ‘Telepathy’ is a hotly anticipated list of tracks following up from his latest release ‘Ride The Wave’ which can be found on all social media platforms.


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