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Why DearDoc founder Joe Brown, loves to share his experience with the next generation of entrepreneurs

When Joe Brown, the founder of DearDoc, talks about the lifestyle that nurtured his success, he focuses on one key element: his mindset. When speaking about his work to others, he advises everyone – especially young entrepreneurs – to welcome changes and feedback as they grow and evolve.

“Instead of assuming unquestionable authority over your team, you should be humble enough to listen and understand their concerns or opinions,” Brown said. “It’s about being willing to take feedback and grow, and it’s certainly not always about being right.”

When Brown first began his entrepreneurial journey, he had access to plenty of mentorship and advice from his father, college instructors, and others in the field. Now that he is in the position to do so, he said he wants to actively uplift and inspire those interested in following in his footsteps.

“Success looks different for everyone, which is why I don’t spend a lot of time talking to other people about my success or how to define it,” he said. “I’m not interested in getting other people to adopt my definition of success. I want to help them figure out what that means for them.”

While talking about his success story, Brown prefers to stay straightforward and honest instead of sugar-coating facts. Instead of going on about how he got to where he is today, he wants people to be aware of the hurdles they will face and strengthen them to help them emerge victorious. He does this by reminding them of the advantages that lie with them and diverting them from the distractions that try to pull them down.

“It can be easy to get caught up in the glamor of starting, owning and leading a business,” he said. “And it is exciting. But I also urge anyone interested in stepping into entrepreneurship to remain realistic and grounded in not only your passion, but in your known shortcomings as well. Playing to your strengths and your weaknesses are both equally important.”

“I’m always looking for ways to mentor other entrepreneurs and salespeople so they can find the level of success they need to feel fulfilled,” he added. “If I can do it, anyone can, and it’s an honor to help others find that success.”