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What’s next for JJ Hannon?

JJ Hannon is a New York born singer/social media personality turned entrepreneur that now is looking to break into the film world. JJ started his career out modeling/acting as young as 13 years old shortly following growing a large online presence from his short music covers/Instagram page @jjhannonnn amassing over 1.5 million followers on just that media alone.

JJ toured all over the US/Europe/Asia from age 15-18. After being stuck in a bad record contract and changing times at 21, JJ is looking to embark into a new adventure as an aspiring actor with big dreams. JJ plans to sign this summer out of New York City with numerous agencies to represent him as he embarks on this journey. JJ has for a very long time been compared to looks wise to Daniel Radcliffe so it’s no surprise that he would like to take advantage of the similarities between the two hoping it could land him a very good role! JJ has shown a lot of interest in film, at a young age JJ said he has always always dreamed of being on the big screen.

We look forward to seeing what direction JJ takes this chapter of his career and if he can carry his online success at a young age to movie stardom and if he can land a big role!