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What is Transformational Leadership? Redouan El Hamdi Explains

The ‘transformational leadership’ style involves working together with team-members to identify the essence of change and create a motivational and inspiring vision. It can be applied in entrepreneurship to ensure that your business is booming. Here, Redouan El Hamdi shares his insights on transformation leadership.

Redouan is a successful serial entrepreneur and investor in sustainable and value-added enterprises. He was born in Dortmund, Germany, and holds a bachelor’s degree in International Business Management.

According to Redouan El Hamdi, you must first identify your team members’ weaknesses and strengths for effective transformational leadership. This may be achieved over time by enhancing your relationship with them. You must be proactive and openly make sure that you understand every individual that you are responsible for. Giving members of a team roles that suit their capabilities and experiences will ensure that they stay motivated.

You can also achieve transformational leadership by developing a motivational and inspiring vision for the future. You can involve your team in developing a future vision that will motivate all the members and instill optimism. This vision should integrate the culture as well as the values of your team. You must also encourage all members of the team and ensure that they buy into the vision.

Redouan El Hamdi says that it is crucial to involve yourself and manage the delivery of the vision mentioned earlier. For a successful delivery, transformational leaders can combine change management skills and appropriate techniques in project management. You must ensure that individuals are offered proper support whenever they need it. The roles that you allocate them must fit in with your plans.

Through these steps suggested by Redouan El Hamdi, you can easily achieve transformational leadership in your organization. This, in turn, will ensure that you run a successful business and achieve all your goals.

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