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What Happens When You Write a Bestselling Book at 19 Years Old?

Ali Scarlett was raised in a dysfunctional, abusive household when his family fell apart financially. At 16 years old, despite his circumstances, Ali had dreams of becoming a professional soccer player, but a near-death experience left him wanting. He became isolated and despondent.

But, in less than a year, Ali pulled himself together and won an acting award at 17 years old and then signed a deal with two talent agencies and a manager after appearing on TV collecting his award. He eventually became a cast member of season two of the TV series, Murder In the Family. But, unfortunately, acting was a long and arduous pursuit for Ali that was paying little money at the time, and he found himself in despair again, homeless due to an unsupportive family, no money, and unforeseen circumstances. He even lost a movie deal due to his homelessness and lack of a support network.

It was then that Ali connected with social scientist, Lucio Buffalmano, and learned more about sociology, psychology, and social psychology. Buffalmano’s work inspired Ali and he would eventually study the likes of other professional sociologists, applied psychology researchers, and business networking experts. Ali applied that information to build the support network he didn’t have and needed when he was going through his darkest times. And, in doing so, he was able to build a robust network of powerful contacts, book a new movie deal for an epic feature film, and take part in impactful collaborations with influencers who shared in his mission to help others.

Ali decided that more people need to hear his story about going from despair to success. So, he wrote, “The Clever Connector: The Easiest Way to Become Powerful, Regardless of Your Situation” (ISBN 0578714140) which gained national attention from publications like

Entrepreneur, MarketWatch, and Fox News for his message, “I believe information is a form of power. To empower myself and others so we can achieve independence, I use helpful information as the pathway to achieving more — by applying and sharing all of the wisdom I acquire as a lifelong student of personal and professional development.” His book became a #1 national bestseller only six days after launch.

He was later accepted into the Entrepreneur Leadership Network for his hard work and extensive research where he began to advocate that, “The only things standing between you and anything you want to accomplish are time and a skill set.”

In his book, Ali created a method of networking that offers young individuals techniques they can use to develop the skill sets to achieve their goals when struggling with dire life circumstances.

Ali then partnered with the Children’s National Hospital to donate his bestselling book’s first six weeks of profits toward hospitalized children receiving equal medical treatment, regardless of their family’s ability to pay. Recently, Ali also spoke at the 8th annual

GradCareerFestival – alongside coaches, college recruiters, and other accomplished authors—so they could provide more than 10,000 college grads the information they need to launch careers in a post-pandemic world.

Lessons from Ali’s life are too many to list, but one thing we can be sure about is that perseverance and a good attitude always win in the end. Everyone who has had trouble in business and life can identify with Ali’s story, and he has inspired countless lives.