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What are the happiest states in America to move in to in 2022?

Living a happy life depends upon many internal and external factors; having a happy external atmosphere is as important as your internal peace is. Choosing to live in a happy place and surrounded by happy people are very important steps towards a content life. The whole world has gone through a much-disrupted phase in the recent past due to the pandemic. People have gone through both physical and mental health issues; many people are showing symptoms of mental disorders like anxiety and depression. With the facility of remote working, many people are moving out of their boring lives to happier places to have a relaxed and peaceful life. Following is a list of some of the happiest states of America as voted by the best state to state moving companies to help you choose the best for your next move.


Hawaii is worldwide known to be a happy place so it won’t come as a surprise when we say that Hawaii is the happiest state of America. The state is not only known for its scenic beauty but also famous for its welcoming culture. Hawaiian people live an active and happy life with almost no adult depression cases. People in Hawaii are deeply rooted in their families and ancestors. Hawaii may not have the best work environment but if someone is looking to have a peaceful life then Hawaii can be the answer.


Utah is the second happiest place in the U.S. The state has a beautiful scenic environment and a sense of healthy community. Residents of Utah have very high personal values and relationships with the lowest divorce rate. The state has more volunteers than any other state in the country. Utah is also known for one of the best working environments along with beautiful landscapes including Bryce Canyon National Park, Arches National Park, and Zion National Park.


Minnesota is a happy place due to its friendly and welcoming residents and affordable cost of living. A man can live a happy and content life when he has a peaceful and stress-free atmosphere and lives at a place with a low cost of living in the most relaxing thing. Lake Superior and Lake Minnesota provide you with the finesse of nature.

New Jersey

New Jersey is a famous tourist place and people love spending their vacation time there. Jersey Shore is one of the most popular places in the state after its wild party atmosphere. New Jersey is the right choice to move as the job market of the state is very promising. People enjoy almost every aspect of life at an affordable price as the state has everything including job opportunities and entertainment options like New York but at a much reasonable cost. The lowest adult depression and the suicide rate in the country make New Jersey the best choice to live as it is the right place for the physical and mental health of an individual.


Maryland is known for its strong real estate market and a strong economy. The recession-free economic status of the state gives its residents a confident and relaxing feel. The beautiful beaches of Maryland do not only make the state look beautiful but also provide a wide range of seafood varieties to try from. Baltimore is one of the most important cities of Maryland which is the first choice of young professionals and families.


California is definitely one of the happiest states of the U.S. Perfect weather, good food, and simple culture of the state make it the right place if you are looking for a happening and easy life. Though California is one of the most expensive states of the U.S., it is also known for its high quality of life. Abundant recreational activities and access to fresh and healthy food are some of the other benefits of living in California. Where tall forests, vineyards, and beaches express the natural beauty of California, Los Angeles boasts of its entertainment industry. San Francisco is the tech world of the country so it is the first choice of young IT professionals.

North Dakota

North Dakota also keeps a place in the list of the happiest states of the U.S. Good education and work opportunities make North Dakota the right choice to move to the state. Its compact communities are very welcoming but the state does not have a balanced life. People work for longer hours than usual and also extreme weather conditions make it a little lower on the popularity list.


The low crime rate, peaceful atmosphere, and good job market are some of the highlights that make Iowa a happy place to be. There is a lot more to add to the list that includes a low cost of living and low crime rate, in fact, Iowa is one of the most affordable states in the country. If you are looking for a peaceful life in a low-key place then Iowa would be the right choice but if you want a lot of activity and fun, you may not add Iowa to your chosen list of states.

If you are planning to relocate and give your family or yourself a change o grow up in a place that offers quality of life and abundance of happiness, these are the choicest of states in America.