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Webton heads in a fresh direction

On the 1st of December 2019, Webton from Hengelo has a fresh look to reflect the new direction that the company is taking, which includes a broadened range of services. This new Webton works to merge data, technology and creativity in order to achieve the marketing objectives of their clients.

With the Webton team, CEO Ton Heerze decided that the future of digital design agencies needed to look different. The market always demands considerable change and, increasingly, businesses are looking for a simple solution for all their communications and marketing issues.

Future course

In 2018, the renewal’s first stages were being enacted via the merging of Twentse Storm and Webton into a single agency, combining the unique expertise of both teams. Through repositioning of the brand, Webton was translated into an appropriate fit for the new company.

Three pillar philosophy

The three pillars that were established for the new Webton (strategy, design and digital) are very important. ‘Strategy’ is determined with clients and seeks to identify the target audience and what makes the client a distinctive option for them. ‘Design’ covers the translation of the client’s distinctiveness into a unique brand appearance and then these are expanded on in the ‘digital’ phase.


Due to the fact that Webton maintains close ties with the wide world of sport, the brand is highly competitively-minded and seeks to ‘win’ for its clients. This ‘winning’ mentality helps the team solace complex marketing issues with strategic digital branding solutions.

Founder and CEO Ton Heerze said, “Our people are in the starting blocks to achieve their goals as a team together with organizations. Hence our new brand promise: Winning with Webton!”