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Watch Out for Marcoahz’s New Tropical Disco Beat

Not all music is created equal, as the many genres out there prove. Even better, the genres keep evolving with time as new artists join the music industry. However, the need for high-quality and evocative music that resonates with a large audience never changes. Whether you are looking for something to enjoy at home or a hospitality venue, a combination of good vibes and fresh sounds is always welcome. You can find both in Marcoahz’s new and refreshing sound.

Marcoahz is an up-and-coming artist based in London, UK, making his mark with a new tropical disco beat. He borrows from various multicultural references to create enjoyable music with varied melodies and a fast beat that just makes you want to dance. His music contains Caribbean and urban rhythms, inspired by the tropical beaches of Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic, where Marcoahz’s family comes from.

Though Marcoahz’s music is distinctly electro, it is mixed with bits of reggae and pop, making it ideal for DJs and clubs. Marcoahz attributes this to his various musical influences, like Canadian artist Drake who he admires a lot. Marcoahz has also incorporated bits of his life experiences growing up in a small town in the northwest of Spain and later, the UK. All the pieces of his life come together to create music that is both relatable and danceable, a wonderful combination for any time of the day.

Three years ago, when Marcoahz started his music journey, he had a simple goal in mind: he wanted to create awesome disco music that would be played in the most popular nightclubs in cities like Miami, New York, Dubai, London, and Manchester. Though he’d never gone public with his music up to that point, Marcoahz knew what to do. He’d borrow from his various life experiences to create masterpieces that would transport his listeners from the dance floor to the beach, and that’s what he did.

In 2018, Marcoahz started his music and fashion brand in Spain, aptly named MARCOAHZ. He would later expand the business and move his headquarters to London. As the fashion half of the brand grew, Marcoahz started his ongoing musical project, the opening of the MARCOAHZ diskette label. Marcoahz produces all his singles and albums under his MARCOAHZ brand. Right now, the artist is working on expanding his music little by little worldwide. 

Marcoahz plans to unveil his new single “Mambo RK” in the coming days. The track offers a glimpse of what fans should expect from him in the future. With its extended instrumental play and relatable vibes, the song is one of the many danceable gems Marcoahz plans to drop soon. The vibrant beat will take you to the beaches in the Caribbean and have you sunning your back as the waves crash at your feet without leaving the dance floor. And, as the artist promises, that will just be the beginning.

Marcoahz plans to take his music far and wide through collaborations with the world’s most popular pop and dance DJs. Then, once he is a household name, he will again combine his love for music and fashion in a new clothing brand. Through it, he will provide his fans with dope merchandise and songs with both Caribbean and urban vibes. For now, fans can connect with him on social media and streaming platforms to get a preview of what he is preparing. 

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